Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not a Bad Afternoon

Weird. I accidentally shut off the computer with my foot just now (I hit the power bar), and it turned back on, but the monitor just kept displaying a "No signal" message. Had to completely unhook it from the back of the computer, then turn the computer itself off, hook the monitor back up to it, then turn everything on again. Now I've tried hooking it up to my laptop here, but it's still saying the same thing. Bah. I suppose I could run upstairs and grab the CD that came with it, but I'm not going to bother.

Apparently we're going to Smittys for supper around 5:30, which is alright, just so long as I'm back in time to get ready for work. That shouldn't go too badly tonight, and I plan (at least right now) to see if Glenda will change my shift on Friday to 9 to close. Reason being is that Mom'll be gone at work that night, and if I have to be in at 8, it means I'll have to walk or ride my bike there. It's only one hour difference, so there shouldn't be a problem.

I also spent last night at Josh's house, which was an interesting experience, and learned something annoying about the next schedule that's being made right now. I have Friday off on it, and Josh is closing. Unfortunately, after 12, they only have three people on. Therefore, I shouldn't be surprised if he calls me in. So either I'm just going to go to bed (really) early, or just go in. Looking at the schedule though (at least what's done so far), I already have three days off next week, so yeah. I'll probably be able to use the hours :3

As for volunteering today, it was alright. Got stuck up front in Janice's office this time, which was a nice change. Had plenty of desk space on which to set my laptop up, but I think I unplugged her calculator :p All I did was more P2P receipting stuff, which I'll probably be working at for some time, as I'm not even halfway through it yet. And even then, I'm only assigning receipts to the people. I still have to go back through everything again to input the money amounts once those come in. We are getting an early start on it this time though, so that's good. It's really funny to think that somewhere back in one of my old entries, I said something or other about how I was never going to do P2P receipting again unless I got paid for it :x Of course, that was back when we weren't connected to the internet at home, and thus I spent most of my time on it at Heart and Stroke, and didn't get any of the work I was supposed to be doing done.

In other news, Adam got himself a PSP yesterday. Much to my surprise, it was only a 2.60 as well, so I offered to put 3.03 OE on it, but he didn't want to take the chance of having the thing bricked. If only it wasn't a TA-082. I know it's still possible to get it to work, but it's his choice, I guess.

Anyways, it's just about time for us to go pick up Adam, so I'd better end this here.

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