Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Help and Be Helped

I like this arrangement better. James was only about one or two refusals away from begging me to switch shifts on Friday of next week with him tonight, and I finally agreed, because he wants to go to a Halloween party in Windsor, and I can just as likely see me having plans for some night but work getting in the way of them, and nobody wanting to cover for me. Besides, it's just another close instead of a supper shift, and while tonight wasn't really bad, I still dislike waking up and having only an hour or so to do what I want before heading out. And that's not all, either. One of the other thoughts that went through my mind just before I gave him an answer was that I could say yes and expect the same sort of favor from him in the future, but it was settled before I even gave him a definite answer. Now I close Friday through Sunday of next week, but have the prior four days off <3 Yeah, yeah, that much spare time could result in extreme boredom, but, as I've heard close to 20 times on the radio in the past couple nights I work, tomorrow is voting day, and there are other various things to be done on each day after that.

Before I get to those though, just a quick thought I had on the way out to Walmart yesterday night. I woke up feeling "off" yesterday - definitely depressed, and somewhat wondering what the point to waking up was when I didn't have anything to do, but that didn't really "click" shall we say, until much later that night. Things are so much different when I wake up with some sort of task or activity on my mind. For example, skipping ahead to later this week for Mom's birthday. It has to be a fun and unusual thing as well. Not just having a supper shift to be at work for in less than two hours, or also going out to Tilbury for a haircut. This is coming out really awkwardly and I can't remember where I was going with it anymore, but that's what I felt, and it was a wondrous feeling at the time, but the problem is all of my things are artificial - Mom's birthday, eventually going back to Heart and Stroke, going to vote tomorrow (and having to find the WISH Center first). The next thing I can think of that I'll really and truly wake up with new eagerness and excitement for is Christmas. Although I suppose Mom's birthday would fall under that category to an extent, but for the moment, the giving (which is what I'm looking forward to) will only be going one way, and I like getting something back too.

Getting back to where I was going though, now that James took my shift on Wednesday I don't have to worry about rushing through celebrations of whatever sort then, and I'm already looking ahead to what I might do with those other days. I can think of several different places I'd like (and need) to go to, but they're all either far away or charge alot of money for the things I want from them, so I might hold off for another couple weeks yet. There are a couple things I could do / need to do around here as well, but now that I've started thinking about them, I might end this right here so I can take care of a couple. Well, there are only a couple on my mind at the moment (cleaning up my desktop and responding to commission emails), but by the time I stop wondering if there's anything else I want to write about it'll be too late, and I don't want that~

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