Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Moving On, In a Way

Hey, it's nice to see a new banner for a change. I know I can't complain when I don't watch the community they're posted to and vote for whichever one I like best, but the one for the rest of October with the red leaves was a bit garish, so I blocked it and evidently got used to the plain blue header. Pumpkins are okay though. It actually raises a worthwhile question of when the ones we have out in front of the porch will be carved, but probably either sometime after Wednesday, or not at all. One way or the other, all I can think is that there's now just over a week between me and going out to get some (hopefully on-sale) Halloween candy <3 Which will probably be immediately locked in my closet so I don't eat too much at once, but I need to get at least one box or bag, and on roughly the same note wish I could go back to the way I felt last weekend, but only for how little interest I had in eating. I did lose weight then, and while I haven't intentionally been over-eating since, have gone back to quite near how I used to be. Although there's a small chance that's just tonight, since this is the end of the day instead of beginning, but I still don't like it.

At any rate, I seem to have reached the point where I decide to resume my normal activities. Well, mostly, because I plan on giving Pidgin a fair chance this time and only doing away with it yet again if I don't use the thing for more than a couple months, but toward the rest, I'm through with feeling sorry for myself and wanting everybody to come to me. Yeah, yeah, that's a somewhat sensitive and touchy thing to say, but I mean it. I wrote a couple things elsewhere (once again) yesterday and the day before that which I thought made sense and summed up quite well my reasons for being unhappy, but then it got into where I was getting annoyed and even more worked up that nobody seemed to care about what I was saying, and at work tonight, instead of being despondent because of that, decided "I refuse to let this go any further", and now just have to maybe transfer those things over to here (in protected entries), which is only somewhat complicated because of my desire to still keep some parts of those things obfuscated. I can do it though, so it's more a matter of time, but as with those commission emails and plans for Mom's birthday and finishing my online Christmas shopping and probably other things I'm forgetting, there's also a certain note of delay. Especially now, because I came home to find a response from yet another person I'm commissioning, this time for those icons, to send me the finished first icon and updates on the others. And to top it all off I haven't touched my Neves guide or other NES game map in several weeks either. I almost can't wait until I'm bored and have nothing to do again.

But for the moment, I have naught to do but think about my plans for tomorrow. I definitely have to go to the WISH Center at some point (and probably look up the address on Google Maps before I go to bed so I can see where it is), and then to the bank after that to deposit the hundred dollars Manoah gave me tonight (he said he was going to give me double this week, but apparently didn't have enough), and then after that, well, I don't want to get a cake quite yet, because then it would be left in the fridge in the basement to possibly be discovered early, and I also don't want to risk it going stale or old. Yeah, I'm probably just over-thinking things, but actually, well... I just had a completely different idea. I still need to get some chocolate bars from Dollarama and cherries from Real Canadian Superstore soon, but do I absolutely need to get her a birthday cake? Eventually making a cake as her present, even if somewhat removed from this Wednesday is still a bit too similar to what I thought of originally, so maybe I should see what Dad and Adam and maybe Naomi think about getting one of Dairy Queen's pizzas. They're right out near Little Caesars, which is where pizza might be bought for supper from, so that much makes a little more sense than effectively buying two cakes. But we'll see, I guess. I know I also want to get one of KFC's new sandwiches at some point, but that could just as easily be done on Thursday. And yeah, they're apparently not overly nutritious, but I regularly buy more than one of those sandwiches worth of stuff at 7-11 and eat it all at once, so just one can't hurt. The only thing I worry about is the price, but as with the rest, seven dollars each is negligible if I'll only be trying one.

I have other things to take care of though. An address to look up, and maybe one commission email reply to start (and maybe) finish writing, so that'll be it. Maybe by this time tomorrow I'll be all caught up~

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