Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much to Too Little

I really wish I had more time tonight. I would like, for the first time in quite a long while, to write about some things in this notebook I have, but it's already 7 in the morning, and I think the only things keeping me awake are the can of pop I drank earlier and having just been down to the basement and several other places downstairs to distribute little slips of paper for Mom tomorrow. The idea is that because I bought her a card that specifically says there's no money inside it (I liked the cat <3), I will instead direct her to the first clue, which will then direct her to the next, and so on through several more iterations, until finally finding a clue that instructs her to look under the cake, because yes, we're apparently getting her a cake now. Dad didn't know what he was talking about, so that apple crisp was made tonight, and if all goes well we'll be getting a pumpkin pie cake from Dairy Queen tomorrow (he'll pay for that, and I'll pay for our supper), so that'll work out nicely. I am a bit concerned about not being able to get the cake or Dad not wanting to pay however much it costs, but if either of those things end up coming true, he can just as easily walk over to Food Basics, or drive up the street to Real Canadian Superstore. Although given the fuss he put up about those plans tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if he decides we don't need one. Just... kind of dumb (the situation, not him) altogether, but it's mostly been resolved now.

What's also kind of dumb is how I just spent about two and a half hours writing the outline for my new story, but I think I've realized my problem. I'm seeing the people and events I want it to cover as being linear, and because I knew all of them and experienced all those things in the past, I can't go back and change them. That's a fine way of looking at it, or so says the purist part of my mind, but realistically speaking, it's a story. I can have it be as happy or sad as I want it, and while I definitely don't want it to be as sad as I was thinking back when I first contacted the author (but what can you expect when I'm out of sorts?), it doesn't necessarily have to be locked into exactly what I've already experienced. After all, as I mentioned once before, my LJ entries would serve as a decent substitute for that, and in such a case where I decided not to use them, I would be far better at writing that sort of story than anybody else, because I know exactly what happened. Except for that I am starting to forget some nuances, such as the now-embarrassing birthday card I "gave" (hid, and directed to when the day came) to Cola, and easily many, many more. The other problem is that would be a prohibitively large story. To describe, in exacting detail, all the people and events I've been involved with in the past couple years... well, I can't even guess how large it would be. Just for example though, assuming my story from Feathertail is roughly 14,000 words and describes ~3 days worth of events, that would make for a ~300,000 word story. Which would be really quite long.

Getting back towards tonight's events though, I did some walking around earlier, and in the process spent ~$240. I started by withdrawing $60 on my way out to put in Mom's card, and then continued walking straight on (without crossing the road, even at the creek) to Future Shop. Among other things there, I can say with worrisome certainty that I would've bought a new laptop if I had ~$600 to spare, and know now that I don't have to buy the games Adam wants for Christmas online. I didn't bother checking at EB Games or Walmart, but Future Shop has both Fallout: Vegas and Dead Rising 2 for $60 (each), so when I next paid, I'll buy at least one, or maybe both. As for tonight though, I bought a 2TB external drive for a mere $160 after tax. Meanwhile, they also had 1TB drives on for $80 (I think), and yet I paid the same amount for a 320GB drive from Staples. Oh yes, I feel dumb now, and would be giving serious consideration to taking that drive back to Staples and getting a bigger one for Naomi from Future Shop instead, but I'm not sure if I'm entitled to another refund after I already exchanged the drive once. As for the 2TB one though, it's mine, and just before I lay down to go to bed tonight, I'll be starting to copy all the files from my 1TB drive over except for Doctor Who. Maybe I'll start watching and get into that show eventually, but for the moment, I have things of my own to catch up on watching. Anyways, after that I went over to Dollarama for a whole six chocolate bars and a birthday card for Mom (which cost less than $6 <3), and from there to Real Canadian Superstore for a ridiculously heavy bag of oatmeal (only 5 pounds, but it felt heavier), a normal size jar of peanut butter (as opposed to small or large), and more maraschino cherries. That was followed by walking back in the wind, which was sort of fun, and stopping at Taco Bell, which wasn't. Manoah asked if I'd go out to Wendys for him and I said yes, so he gave me his debit card and all the necessary information just like before, but mistakenly instructed me to use his checking account, which didn't have any money in it. So I paid with $20 from what I was going to give to Mom instead and gave him the change, so he can just give me $20 back next Thursday instead, and withdrew another $20 from the same ATM I started at on the way out. Yeah. All in all it was a fun walk / evening, but I had ~$440 when I left, and am down to ~$170 now. At least that's more than enough for tomorrow...

It's time I was off to bed again though. Last night didn't go very well (thus far I've had two experiences of what I would call sleep paralysis recently - shortness of breath, feeling as if my chest was being compressed, and panicking, but only until I realized I was asleep), so with any luck tonight will be better, but if not, at least I should be able to wake up to much windiness outside <3 Time to find out~

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