Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Dislike Unnecessary Complication

See if I ever try to coordinate special events with another person again. I don't mind paying for the entire night after all, as long as I'm in control, and that especially applies to tonight. The base idea was to keep my plans a surprise from Mom, and I say "my plans" because Dad specifically asked us to come up with some for Wednesday, and to keep in mind that he would be taking her out on Saturday night. That's fine and all, but what isn't is how he seemingly assumed that because I informed him of my plans, they were thus his responsibility, and in doing that, managed to get them all mixed up and confused. At first he was going to take Mom out to get pizza, which would've both spoiled the surprise and my idea to get fish just for her, but the surprise was already spoiled, so I couldn't do much about that. However, when I tried motioning to him to come back up the stairs so I could remind him of getting fish as well without Mom hearing, he got impatient and angry, as if he was the one who'd come up with the plans and I didn't understand them. Thankfully, everybody else telling him to go back upstairs was enough to give us a few moments in the TV room, where I reminded him of getting fish for Mom and how pizza would just be for us, and he seemed to understand, because he said that was okay and went back downstairs to phone Little Caesars. In the meantime I went back up and laid down on my bed in anger, then about ten minutes later heard Dad calling from downstairs that it was time to go.

So off we went, while I tried to explain to him that since I was the one paying for supper I would've liked to have been involved in deciding what to order, but he explained the confusion as that he had alot of other things on his mind, and just wanted to rest. Well, yeah. That's kind of the idea behind asking us to come up with plans for the evening. In any case, the rest of that outing went fine. The pizza was less than $20, and I ended up having to spend $20 of the money I was going to give to Mom at Frick's, but she didn't seem to mind, so whatever. Then we got home, and I opened one of the boxes of pizza to find... pineapple, and when questioned, Dad said he ordered that because he thought Mom would be having some. For all I know, she might, but if nothing else, hear this. I bought her fish. That is her supper. I also bought pizza for the rest of us, so we'd have something special to eat, but not for Mom. If she wants to have some as well, she's more than welcome, but having pineapple put on the large pizza because you thought it was for her? No. How many times to I have to explain it to you? And I apologize if I sound overly-angry now, but having to explain and re-explain my plans (the ones I had in mind since several days prior) only to have you get impatient and upset with me is not appreciated. You asked us to come up with some ideas, and as Adam and Naomi don't have any money I took the responsibility for myself. Not for you and me to share. Although it was nice that you bought the cake. Then again, if you'd listened in the first place you would've heard me explain that I would pay for everything. Yeah.

And as for what he was saying about having alot on his mind, I appreciate that. I know what it feels like, especially recently (I don't think I'll ever be able to fully recover from / get over what happened), but that's no reason to be dismissive and act like I don't know what I'm talking about. Of course, I wanted to say all of these things at the time, but didn't want to cause a big fuss and effectively ruin everybody's night (most importantly Mom's), so I let it go, and have been somewhat miffed since, as evidenced by the above. All in all though, whatever. Seriously. Despite what happened the night was fun, and Mom said she enjoyed the brief clue-finding game to get her money, which is really all that matters. The best part is how I ultimately only spent ~$20 with my debit card, which I quickly rendered unnoticeable by buying one of the blankets I was talking about a couple nights ago. I might do the same with this PSP memory stick deal before the end of the night too, but won't just yet, because I have other things to do. Not necessarily to buy, of course, but I'd like it to be a sort of reward, if you will. There are also things I'd like to do tomorrow though (going to KFC, for one) which all require some amount of money, so maybe it's better to wait, even if only for a couple hours. In the meantime, I'm just having a mostly typical (boring) night. Everything hinges on going downstairs to find something to eat at the moment, but I didn't want to do that because I was frustrated with the events noted above, among a couple other things, and thus had to write this first.

But maybe (just maybe) instead of holding off on something that I might never get to at this rate, I'll just be done here and move on to other things. I'd like to both properly name all of my US Whose Line Is It Anyway? episodes, and also go through the usual process of backing things up and making my desktop tidy again, which I, in theory, have enough time for both of tonight. Let's see if that theory holds true~

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