Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More Unexpected Advantage

I moved my bed over to the other side of my room last night because I really needed something different to do and figured the change of pace would be nice. Not that it'll last for very long of course - until it starts snowing or December 13th, whichever comes first - but aside from being able to look straight ahead and see out my window, it's also colder in here. Not by a whole lot yet, really, but the difference made for a nice sleep. Or maybe that was just being really tired, because I'm still not completely used to the time change, so being awake until 6am is indeed like staying up until 7 or 8, which is kind of funny considering I used to be able to do that with no problems at all, and actually really wanted my sleep patterns to revert to what they'd been like before. It is well within my power to change again, yes, especially now that I'm not needed at Heart and Stroke until February, but I made the comment to somebody a while back about how at the first sign of having two days in a row off, I'm going to stay up all day and night before the first, and sleep in for however long is reasonable (probably no later than 5pm) on that first day off. It would be fun, and if not before then, I'm thinking about asking Melissa for the 13th through 16th off. Yeah, the first and last days are all I really need, to be perfectly fair, but the Christmas party on the 16th starts pretty early, and as I've both experienced and written about before, sleeping too much can leave me just as tired after being awake for only a couple hours.

I'll figure that out once December gets here though. There's still another whole month (almost), and it's impossible to say what will happen in that time. Speaking of which though, I've also decided that even though it's impossible to say what will happen, I'm going to make an effort to put the more-specific topic I've been talking about recently to rest. I can tell when it's really bothering me, and in such cases I usually write out my thoughts in a protected entry, but to mention it publicly is to effectively beat a dead horse. Although I would badly like to substitute another animal (hint: it flies), but I won't go there. I've realized the real reason I'm so reluctant to talk to anybody else is because that only provides temporary relief, lasting until something else happens, at which point I can't go back to the same person as before, and the same mostly applies in here. It feels like I'm slowly unraveling truths and ways of thinking that I've never considered before, but such clarity and introspection don't come very often. And they are slipping away even now. Or maybe I'm just being really dramatic.

In any case, a random fact, and bit of interest that will be more pertinent next week. For one, it feels like Friday. I keep thinking ahead to work tonight, and picturing walking in there to close with James and Manoah, whereas it's really only Wednesday night, and George and I are closing. I don't expect anything too interesting to come of it, unless George randomly decides to bring his external hard drive in, and as for next week, I plan to go somewhere new for candy. A couple weeks ago Orlando told me about a candy store over by the bank that he had been to just recently, and when I went out to vote however long ago that was, saw it for myself. Normally that would be it, and I wouldn't show even the tiniest bit more interest in going there, but I'd like to see what they have, and I think 7-11's candy selection is about one visit away from becoming a monthly instead of weekly treat for me. Last time I went, I bought $3 worth of candies, and ate them all just as quickly as any other time. Things after that were fine for a couple minutes, but then I had to get up, and then the pain started. Awful, piercing pain in my stomach which wouldn't go away for anything until I laid down. Although it could just as likely be that the 7-11 on Grand Ave really needs to replenish their selection. One particular variety that I was picking through that night was almost completely melted together in one big ball, and dare I say the candies were wet as well. Not wet like someone spit in them or whatever, but wet as if from moisture. Not very appealing, but smart me pulled apart exactly $1 worth so I'm just as much to blame. And also, I'm back to keeping track of what I eat. Being out of sorts before meant I had no appetite for anything and dropped what seemed like five pounds as a result, but being unhappy now means I want to eat everything in sight, and it goes without saying as to why that's not good.

Anyways though, I have things to do now that I've been putting off for a little while, and then work to leave for an hour early once again. Should be a mostly normal night~

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