Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Timing is Appropriate

I would have to call that a highly appropriate way of rounding off five years of working at the same job. The McDonalds out on St. Clair is closed for renovations, meaning that everybody who wants fast food but doesn't feel like driving out to Wendys or isn't after the somewhat different selection Tim Hortons offers comes to us, and in that light, last night was annoyingly busy at first, calmed down at about midnight, and picked up again right at 2, when we should've been closed, leading us to being open twenty minutes longer than we should've been. Oh, and I also walked in to what might as well have been the entire day's worth of dishes, and from there to excuses of people saying they'd been busy, and most amusingly of all, Mary standing down in drive through staring at me while I was counting my till (as opposed to restocking it like, oh, all non-management staff have the decency to do), and then got short and snippy with me because I was an extra two minutes after 7:00 counting all of my change. Then after that my mood wasn't the greatest (for unrelated reasons), but I eventually realized my problem was really only not having anything else to focus on, and things leveled off somewhat for me shortly thereafter. But that's still not all.

As noted above, normally we close at 2am on Wednesday nights / Thursday mornings, but tonight six or seven customers all pulled in literally right at 2, and of course there were other people waiting in line before that, so we had to serve all of them, and thus didn't actually close until 2:20. Then, because of my wanting to run across the street to the bank before George counted my till and all the dishes I had to wash, it took us until 4am to catch up on everything and leave. After which I'm ashamed to say I walked straight home because I was carrying a tomato box which I intend to dump all of my Halloween candy into, but it was also a rather fun walk, because of the animated conversation I was having with myself about various things. I kind of wish I'd taken a longer route now, or could write about those things in here, but toward the former, I simply didn't, and toward the latter, well, voice and inflection are a big part of it, and I don't think the particular nuances I enjoy would translate very well into text. Oh, sure, they might, but it'd involve all sorts of formatting and different text sizes and different fonts and font colors to indicate separate trains of thought and all that (the previous two ideas are actually not bad for when I have alot of stuff on my mind though...), which is not something I've experimented with yet, and can thus not make a guess as to the validity of. Maybe soon though. It'd be interesting to try.

Anyways, in other news since then, Orlando asked if he could borrow $10 from me last night to get a pack of smokes, which is the second time this has happened. I don't often carry $10 bills in my wallet. Usually there's only a twenty or a five and some change, yet last week when Adam gave me his money for the internet he needed $10 change to give to Mom for gas, and then looking back at last night, the ten dollars I was going to save for tonight and go out for snacks later with went to Orlando, so maybe I should take a hint from this and simply not carry any bills of that denomination around with me anymore. But then that makes even more money that I'm owed eventually. Manoah has informed me that he has no money to spare until next pay, which is an extra $20 this time, from what I spent at Wendys for him and the rest of the change when I got back, and then Orlando's ten, which will be kind of nice. I'm still not in any terrible rush for Christmas gifts yet (the only thing remaining is one of the two other games Adam wants), and, since they are turning into a considerable expense for me, my commissions are mostly paid up too. There are some new illustrations for my book to cover, and changes to the others, some of which will require additional compensation. But other than that, all I have to do right now is get back to somebody with scene descriptions for a couple more (Christmas and birthday-themed images, of course <3), and eventually check back and ask one person for a progress update, and more forcibly prod the other one into telling me what's going on, because I haven't heard from them since October 20th. Nothing new, really, but new with them, although I can come up with a couple reasonable sounding theories as to why they haven't responded, so I'll just be patient for a little while longer and get things ready for whenever they do in the meantime.

As for today though, I already know I'll be going out for snacks later (but definitely won't be getting candies from 7-11 this time), but before that, have some more cookies to make. I bought two more packages of chocolate chips at Food Basics last night, and might work making those into getting snacks. I told George if he was lucky I'd bring some in, so yeah. I am off to have a shower before anything else though, actually. Didn't quite make it there last night, and I have at least an hour to spare right now~

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