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...At Least They're Good

To begin, another public announcement, this time to everybody at work. I don't care how good they are. The cookies and other snacks I bring in to share are for everybody. It puts a genuine smile on my face to bake cookies or bread or cake and see them gobbled up almost instantly, but I would like to enjoy what I put however many minutes or hours into making as well, you know. Last night I brought in some of those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and took one from the container before I went outside. I checked again when I went back in to change and start working, and saw, surprise surprise, that there were only three out of what was originally eight or nine. Then I had to go up front and count my till, and when I finally finished with that and had restocked everything in drive through and such, went to the back again and found that there were... none left. Yes. Melissa said thanks, which was appreciated, but everybody else took them and ran, leaving me not only with an empty margarine tub, but also with enough dishes that it was just like working Wednesday night again. Being steadily busy for most of the night, where literally all of my free time was spent washing dishes, and we were still there 'til a couple minutes after 5. Oh yes. The only really good part of the night was seeing that I have this coming Thursday and Friday off, meaning that I can modify my plans slightly and just wake up really early - 11am or so - on Wednesday, and stay awake straight through. But I shouldn't say that was the only good part of the night. There were a couple others of moderate interest, possibly only to me, but they went as such.

The first came from two people who looked like a mother and her daughter, so let's assume they were. Everything was going as normal until her daughter - who was in the passenger seat, obviously - suddenly said / asked "The cat guy works here?!", and I said yes, wondering if I should maybe say "Hi" as well, but I didn't and even so, she wouldn't let it go after that. I didn't pay attention to most of it, because she was talking to whoever else was in the vehicle with her, but once again, what I "do" is, to me, quite normal. I would, however, really like to get inside your heads and see what about it is so amazing to you. As for the second, along roughly the same lines, a couple guys came through quite near the end of the night, whom I first thought were going to give me a hard time, but no, the driver just asked "Where's your tail?", and when I told him it was "Tucked away until I'm done here", just said "Aww, man!", and sort of laughed to himself. Yeah. And finally, skipping ahead to the walk home, I was just coming down the other side of the bridge near the bank, and a guy crossing the street toward me shouted "Hey kitty cat, you got a light?" I told him no, and as we got closer I heard him say "And I thought I was weird. That's [expletive] cool though, man. Keep it up", and then he walked off mumbling something else to himself while I did the same. Oh, and then on a random note, the lady who served me at Tim Hortons was unusually chipper. Although as I told myself was I left and continued on my way towards home, I probably would be too if I worked at a place that served coffee and all other manner of delightful non-candy sweets <3

Anyways though, even if this is a day off, there are plenty of things I have to do. Reply to an artist and tell them what the next couple images I'm getting from them should look like, then ask another for an update and see if they could work within my December deadlines as well. Then on a rather unsavory note, reply to somebody whose address I found yesterday about all the things that aren't fit to be discussed publicly in here (you know what I mean), and after that, well, maybe go out to Subway for supper because I want to try one of their Chicken Pizziola subs, and depending on which one I go to, either stop at Sobeys as well to look for any leftover Halloween candy there, or stop in at work to ask Orlando for the $10 he owes me since he never showed up last night. Or I could just not do that at all tonight and go on Monday instead, since I work a supper shift then and will likely be asked to go to Tim Hortons for Manoah and possibly James. And then sort my torrents out like I mentioned yesterday, because I also have season 7 of Top Chef downloaded now, and probably one or two other items I can't remember. And as for that unsavory stuff, well, I was thinking about everything that's happened last night (no surprise there), and came to a nice, concise way of looking at it. Going by past experiences with friends, I am a nice person on the surface. As conceited as it sounds and everything else, I am. There is, however, a very ugly side to me as well, which I try to keep out of sight as much as possible, but it recently came out in a very bad way, and because things happened the way they did, I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should just do my best to suppress that ugly side again, or actually examine it in detail and try to figure out why it exists. Without it, I would be a different person. No question about that, but it had to come from somewhere. The best guess I can make is insecurity, but that came to mind only just now, so I haven't had enough time to think about it further.

But yeah. I'm feeling fine in all other regards, so I will start with sending this email, and hope I can finish at least two of these tasks before I get hungry for supper~

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