Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Package for Me <3

That is just what I was hoping for. To say today has been slow thus far would be quite accurate. I ended up sleeping until 2, but despite that am still fairly exhausted. I can't though, because that would ruin the way I hope to feel at work later - exhausted in the good way - so I just went downstairs to put my cereal bowl in the kitchen, and along the way was informed by Mom that a package had come in the mail for me. And this one is actually for me, too. It is a surprisingly large off-white (ivory, perhaps) micro-something blanket (I think the auction listing said it was micro fleece), and I was indeed expecting it to arrive this week. Within the past couple days would've been nicer for obvious reasons, but oh well. My only remaining concerns with it are leaving feedback for the seller and maybe buying another one or two eventually, since they're only $20 each. Or I could just save some money and go look in the bedding sections of various stores around here, but I spend enough money on blankets and other such accessories for my room as is, only to turn around and use only one item at a time, so maybe I'll just keep my eyes open, but not go out of my way to find the same things around here. I like to think I had enough fun with that last winter when I was searching for Bugles...

Anyways, I have a challenge to extend to any and everybody reading this today. Well, a challenge, and a favor to me if you're successful. Find music by Kil. Actually, outside of this, that is, but at the rate it's going I'll probably be finished this entry before the download is complete. If it's not though, I mean songs by the same person who wrote or composed Gaussian Blur, since that's the song I am most familiar with. Then along the same lines, try to find songs by Zun, and / or Dai. Notice a funny coincidence there? All the artists' names are three letters long, but fortunately I don't need as much help with the latter two. Zun's works (most if not all of them) seem to be available here (I actually have the whole torrent downloaded, but haven't yet gone in to look at the files), and as for Dai, I was really only after You, which can be downloaded as part of this torrent. It is a lovely mess, trying to find songs by artists whose names are so short, but I'm doing quite well now compared to last week, so I can't complain. What will be an even bigger mess though is sorting through that 23GB of Touhou Soundtracks. Yeah. But I'll get there eventually.

Before those, I have work on my story to complete or at least to catch up, after getting the rest of the illustrations last night, and then also some additional Christmas preparations to make, and two emails to send out (one in regards to another commission, and the other about the unsavory stuff, as mentioned in a previous entry), and a floor to vacuum and room to generally tidy up (again ;_;), and possibly new music by Starship Amazing to buy and convert and tag and upload, and so many other things. What ever happened to making a guide for Neves, or to mapping out that NES game, or to organizing my commission emails a bit better (starring conversations for commissions that are in progress only, as opposed to all the messages in that category that contain attachments)? Or even better than that, what happened to this new story I was supposed to be commissioning? I paid the author the full amount, sent them Prized Possession to read so they'd know what was going on, and sent them some random ideas for what I would have happen, but they haven't responded since then. Not one word in over a month, despite my going back and saying I'd rather just tell them what specific things must happen in the story, and iron out the rest of the details as we go along, but they're nowhere to be found. I am needless to say not amused, but I really can't find the will to care as much as I might otherwise, because of all the other things that are going on / that I have to do. Listen to me though <3 All the things I have to do? It could be much worse, but I'm not about to get into self-denigration here.

I am instead off to spend my last hour and a half doing other unproductive but fun things. Relaxing before leaving for work, in other words~

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