Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This has been the Strangest Morning

Now that had to be the most interesting sleep I've had in a while. I laid down in bed oh, say 2 in the morning, and couldn't get to sleep, for all the stuff running through my head (it was an eventful day yesterday, in a sense), so I just laid down flat on my back, and took some time to think about things. Then I noticed I was really cold (if you must know, I tend to not get under my blankets until I'm tired enough to go to sleep), so I grabbed another smaller blanket that was on the chair in here, and covered myself in that.

Took a good hour to think about things (mostly what different people in my life would say if I told them certain things (I'm sure you can guess what), and just some other random things that've been on my mind.

So I finally managed to fall asleep around 6:00. I didn't realize it at first, but I was still only using the small blanket. My actual alarm clock went off at 11:30, which was an experience in itself, seeing as I was having some sort of dream beforehand about some guy inventing a really annoying alarm clock sound, and people wanting to sue him for it (you tell me). Of course, my alarm clock was, in my mind, making the noise, and I wasn't happy.

Then I turned it off, realized what blanket I was using, and got under the actual sheets, at which point I had a much better sleep. Only for a half hour though, seeing as at 12:00, my DS's alarm started going off.

After all that, I woke up, threw my jeans on, and went to use the bathroom, only to find that my brother was in it, so I went downstairs, and to my surprise, Dad's in the living room watching TV, and Mom's making something or other in the kitchen. From what I understand though, we're having company tomorrow, so I suppose it makes sense. The weather outside is absolutely beautiful as well. Snow as far as the eye can see, and it's still falling steadily <3

Oh, and now before I forget to say it, I really need a microphone and some sort of speech-to-text software. I found last night that I can get talk through things that are bothering me a hell of a lot better than I can by just typing. So... meh. That might be the next thing I get from Staples. Who knows?

I am going volunteering today though, so I should probably pack up my laptop now. At least I'll have something new to watch while I'm there. The past couple times I've stayed at Josh's house for the night, we've ended up watching some show in which the characters were a cup, a box of fries, and a meatball of some sort. At first I didn't know who could possibly like that show, but it gradually grew on me, and last night, I ended up downloading all 4 seasons (yay for finding a torrent with over 100 seeders :D).

And as for work tonight, not looking forward to it, because Mark's closing, but come what may, I guess. It'll be nice to have something else to worry about for 7 hours :p

It's about time I was getting ready though...

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