Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Fine Time for Maintenance

Oh, and what is this now? I am actually writing this entry from Chrome, because LiveJournal is currently undergoing network maintenance, meaning none of the pages load properly, which causes my tweaks in userContent.css to not be applied, and I am thus left with a ~600×600 pixel box to type into, which is far from ideal. Firefox seems unusually slow too, and it's freezing up temporarily alot more than normal, and then to top it all off, I also had to manually update Pidgin's MSN certificate (as per the directions here) because the program would not shut up about being unable to connect otherwise. But aside from those things, I think I'm having a decent morning. My 2 16GB microSD memory stick and adapter combo arrived today, and I'm just about all caught up with that aside from putting music back onto my PSP, but no, I'll do that later, if not half tonight, and the other half tomorrow afternoon, since I have both today and tomorrow off. Just one more thing to add to my ever-growing list of things to eventually complete, but I have a little more motivation than yesterday to do some, so that's a decent start.

More immediately than that though, I have several things to buy, none of which I particularly want to spend money on, but all of which I need. To begin with, a new pair of shoes, because the ones I've been using are starting to fall apart. Well, not literally, but the soles are separating from the rest, and I noticed my socks getting wet when I was scrubbing the floor last night. Unfortunately, there weren't any more coupons to be found this time, but whatever. ~$7 off a ~$50 pair of shoes is nice, but negligible at best, and I'm worried about breaking them in way more than I am with how much they'll cost. As I recall, the pair I have now took the better part of two months, but they did finally get there, so I'll just have to be patient. And as for the other purchase, Special K. No other cereal, unless Fruit Loops or a similar but differently-named cereal are on sale. I've eaten maybe five packages of oatmeal out of the two boxes I bought the week before last, so it's not like cereal is really that important. Finally, later tonight, if I can manage / justify it and the seller of the blankets that I received one of yesterday replies favorably, I'll be buying two more. It is really nice, if a bit thin compared to the other one I acquired, and I'd like a contrasting color as well, just for a bit of difference <3

But that's all mostly optional for now, and I really need to set aside another $100 for Adam and Trish first, as well as remember that I want to have my book published and in my hands somewhere between my birthday and Christmas, so it would be fairly prudent to finish up work on it by the end of the month. And hope it doesn't cost more than $100 to print. Yeah. Time to go let the cats out of my room and go find Mom though. It's nearly 4, so she's bound to come looking for me soon enough~

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