Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

More Self-Imposed Punishment

I really wish I'd made it out to work yesterday night. I'm pretty sure both Brandon and Manoah were there, so I could've collected my money from both of them at the same time, but decided against it, because Orlando called around 7 asking if I would take his shift, and I told him no, because I was busy myself. Busy with different things, of course (or so I would presume), but I'm guessing he wanted the night off because he wasn't feeling well, and I wanted the night off because I was in the middle of backing things up and working on my book. I don't regret my answer either, because if it had been something really serious, he would've asked again and given a bit of detail as to why he couldn't work. Anyways, I said no, and from that came to the decision of it not really being appropriate for me to go in there. But I'm collectively still owed $320, and I need to get that back sometime soon, as the money would come in really handy. $100 is going to Adam and Trish, as I've already noted a couple times before, along with $100 going directly into my savings account, and the remainder (~$200) will go towards publishing my book, which I intend to either finish up over the next three days, or on Tuesday, which is my next day off.

It's kind of unfortunate, actually, because the seller of those micro-fleece blankets I've been mentioning responded to my message yesterday to say that combined shipping on two would be $30, and the same for 3 would be $40. Given that the blankets are about $20 each, I would really really quite like to buy three, because that way I'm effectively saving $20 on shipping as well (as opposed to ten from buying only two of the blankets), but you know what? I really don't have the money for that. Not with Christmas and taking my book to Blurb and wanting to make more cookies and everything else. I have about $15 cash right now, $35 once Manoah pays me back, and that is it quite possibly until after Christmas. Which is depressing in the sense that if Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart are open 24 hours again this year I might not be able to go, but just... it doesn't look good right now. And I still need new shoes too. I bought a couple more packages of socks on Thursday which are better than nothing (all but one of the couple pairs I was using before had holes in the heels), but they were $10 each. Or maybe what I should do is just stop worrying and take each pay as it comes. I know what I have to spend money on, and given that Christmas is coming up soon, can give everything related to it a higher priority. Aside from one more of the two games Adam wants, foods and snacks can't be that expensive. Oh, but just so I remember, it just came to me last night that Mom wanted a subscription to Readers' Digest before. Probably not for Christmas though, or at least not at this rate.

Anyways, I think I know exactly what I'm going to use these last two hours for today: working in BookSmart. I will not leave for work without having first sent a reply to the artist doing the illustrations, but that requires me to first figure out where the remaining couple are~

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