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Karadur Inacu 

Money for a Tattoo

Remember that $200 I lent to Brandon last week? I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it went to, because James was showing Manoah and I a picture of it on Brandon's Facebook page last night. Some (presumably) inspirational message either along or just below his collarbone, but those details don't matter quite so much. My only concern is being paid back, but for the moment, that won't happen until Tuesday. I apparently missed my chance to go in and collect it from him on Thursday (both because I'd completely forgotten and was too busy putting music on my PSP to think "Oh, I should walk up to work with him now!" when Orlando stopped by, and to make that even better, had Manoah ask last night if I wanted to close on Tuesday, because he closed as well and really didn't want to work with Brandon. No. Not only is that one of my regular days off and the night I have to wash dishes on, but if I agree, it'll be even longer before we see each other. Although really, I have to think that if our positions were reversed, I would put it above all else to pay the other person back, even if it meant going there (to work) around lunch time or earlier, but yet nobody else seems to want to do any legwork. Even Manoah, who knew or could quite easily verify that I had Thursday and Friday off put the $120 he owed me in an envelope in the safe with my name on it and left it there. Just there, without calling to let me know or bringing it to me at home after the first day. But still, as long as there is or was even a slight possibility of me walking up there and getting it, I really should've done that. Especially after finding out that Orlando only called last night because he'd been out with his girlfriend for most of the day, and they were both exhausted, added to him going on only a couple hours of sleep, so she told him to call around and ask for somebody to cover his shift, despite him trying to tell her that it probably wouldn't happen.

But I still got my own in the end though. Oh yes. I don't want to say they were mood swings along the lines of what I was experiencing before, but I had a wildly varied night. At first I was extremely tired to the point of yawning and shivering and all in all wondering if I wasn't perhaps just on the edge of becoming sick, but eventually went up to being mildly energetic, but still angry to the point of shouting (or in my case, speaking loudly) about things I would normally just grumble to myself about, and that eventually led back into being pissed off again, up until ~1 to 3 in the morning. Whether because it was busy and I literally didn't have a chance to focus on other things, or because I was just in a better mood then, I'd have to say I actually had fun. Well, aside from the part where my throat was getting extremely sore, but that was solved by drinking a glass of water, and eventually having some more beans and cheese to eat once all the customers went away. I will say some of the people were fairly dumb, but not nearly as bad as other nights. In fact, the driver for the worst group of people apologized to me for "all the children" she had with her. I agree, ma'am, but it was nice to exchange a knowing look and eye-roll too. Unfortunately, my mood declined somewhat after the last customer left. I set about wiping things down in drive through and opening another package of cup lids since there were barely any left, but mostly just thought about the things I hadn't been able to focus on for all the customers before then. It should be obvious enough what I'm talking about, but I have a little bit more of an idea about what I want to do now. More or less coming to terms with myself, but I just can't do this. I can't be so deliberately vague and still have this make any sense, so... if I still want to later, I'll write a protected entry about it. Otherwise, those thoughts will be whisked off into the confines of what I'm better off keeping to myself. They aren't anything really bad, mind you, but I just can't write about them right now.

Until then though, I'm just left to lay here wondering if I'll get a call in about ten minutes from work wanting to know where I am. If this was any other supper shift, I'd already be there sitting outside underneath the trees, but I start at 6 instead today, which feels a bit odd for me as well. Only four hours of work, followed by poking around in BookSmart and tagging some more music to be put on my PSP, and then maybe, maybe a special supper. I don't know where to go though. I don't want Subway, because odds are I'm just going to see the same lady there as last time and she's much too unfriendly for my liking, but I also don't want to go to 7-11 or Tim Hortons either, and McDonalds is closed for renovations, as will be Harveys (except without the renovations) by the time I get done work, and yeah. Of course, of course, I could change my mind quite quickly depending on how work goes, but for the moment, well, I know what I really want, and it has nothing to do with getting food, but until I have it, I don't much care about anything else. So we'll see what happens when I get home. Even if I do end up seeing that grumpy guy at 7-11, or am served by the same one who dropped my fuzzy peach candies on the floor behind the counter when I went there on the weekend (it was an honest accident). Or go to Tim Hortons for a couple drinks and no donuts, and hopefully be served by the highly energetic lady. She's fun, and if I knew for a fact she would be the one taking my order, I would definitely go there <3 Although that raises an interesting possibility. Do go there, except for a cafe mocha and candy cane hot chocolate (if they have those yet) tonight. I just might. I need to go to work first though, so here's hoping for a quick four hours~

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