Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Last-Minute Publishing Woes

Another slight scare to start the next day off with. I stayed up an extra hour last night working on things in BookSmart, and finished everything up to the point where I was ready to publish it then and there, but one of the final warning dialogs it gives advises you to print a copy on your local printer to make sure everything looks right. Unfortunately, the only printer I had immediate access to at the time was Windows' XPS writer, so I used that, and was dismayed to see the text come out all rough-looking. It was fine if I zoomed in a bit, sure, but the thought of having done all that work just to have to go back and increase the font size right at the end was not fun at all. I decided to leave well enough alone though (probably the first time since the middle of October...), and when I woke up just now (well, 47 minutes ago as of this exact moment), immediately went downstairs to see what it looked like on the computer in the dining room. Same thing, so in desperation I went back upstairs and asked Naomi if she could print something for me. She said yes, so I have the second page (the first of the actual story) printed out, and it looks fine, aside from some odd shadows underneath random lines. The same appeared in BookSmart's preview though, so I'll assume that's just a quirk of the font. And as for the rest, it's being uploaded for printing right now. I said it would be done by the end of the week, and I meant it. If I am to go out to Real Canadian Superstore and / or Walmart for Christmas things today, I want to have as much as possible caught up. For the moment, that was what I just finished, and now writing this. Then I also have another email to write to a completely different person who I just "met" the other day, but I don't know where to even start with that right now. Such is sort of why I really strongly prefer the idea of actually talking to somebody these days, because it usually doesn't take me nearly as long to talk as it does to type. But yeah. This is only the first of two days off, so I should be able to manage.

Speaking of which though, I went into work last night and got a surprise. The schedule for next week - the one ending on December 7th - is already made up, so I really hope I'm not too late to ask for the 13th through 16th off. I left Melissa a note to that effect last night, and made sure to also say that if she couldn't give me all four days I would at least like to not work on the 13th and 16th (my birthday and Heart and Stroke's Christmas party, respectively), and actually... no... nevermind the hesitancy. I just went downstairs and called Melissa to check if she got my note, and she said that yes, I have all four of those days off now. Good good good. Unfortunately, when I called Heart and Stroke Michele had already left for the day, but I sent her an email instead, and thus will probably have a reply to that when I wake up tomorrow. Now the only problem will be actually making it out there that morning, but I'm pretty sure Tryphena and her Mom are going, so if I don't feel like walking I might be able to arrange getting a ride with / being picked up by them. Might because people seem to be becoming more and more stingy with who they give rides to these days. I asked George if he would be willing to give me a ride home from work last night because the anxiety I was feeling due to various things here was becoming too much to bear (I didn't tell him that part though), and he looked away for a moment, before saying "I guess. You don't usually ask for rides", but in the end I walked home, because it was raining and he already had enough to do on his own (mostly related to school and sleeping), and I honestly didn't want to be an imposition. It sounds funny to say with all these other goings-on lately wherein I'm being pretty much just that, but it was a fun walk home anyways, and only one of the three things I was expecting to see actually happened, which means that getting a ride home would've been pointless.

As for other bits and pieces of interest, I know what I really really need to do right now. Go around and clean up all the garbage that's strewn about my room. Mostly things from Tim Hortons the other night, but they're still there, so I need to go do that, then probably start writing this other email. I told George I'd stop by to say hi either on my way to or home from getting Christmas things later, so I have until about 7 or 8 before I head out. Maybe I should make up a list of what I need to get though. A game for Adam, wrapping paper from someplace, one or two little edible things for everybody, and just... much stuff. And then stuff to make alot of cookies as well, and to top that off, I'm also thinking about maybe making one of those cakes for when we go to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's on Christmas Eve. Probably overkill there, as cookies would suffice, but for the time being, everything is a valid idea~

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