Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Maybe I Was a Bit Early

Thinking back to yesterday and finishing things up in BookSmart now. I would like to get the book either on my birthday, or sometime between then and Christmas, so at first I thought publishing it at least three weeks in advance was the most likely timing by which to achieve that. I figured a week at most for printing (probably not even an entire day, if that), followed by two weeks for shipping, but something I wasn't expecting happened yesterday afternoon. The payment was made in CAD, so does that mean the book might very well be in my hands by the end of next week? I suppose even if it is, I won't open it until my birthday, because I'm still waiting to hear from Feathertail about the illustrations (I want him to use them, but there's a fair chance of him refusing) and that way it's sort of another present, but yeah. Oh, and I also apparently need to decide what I want for supper on the 13th. I remember going out to Pizza Hut last year, and could, in theory, provide $50 or so towards going out for supper again this year, but I really don't know what I want. Especially with other people being the ones making it. Oh well. I still have a little over two weeks to think of ideas. The only one that comes to mind right now is Subway, and that's purely because I'd ask to go there around 10 like I usually do and see the look on the lady's face when not one but five people walk in, and eat there too.

In the meantime, I am somewhat ashamed to say I never went out to Real Canadian Superstore or Walmart yesterday, but will be leaving for both places no later than 6pm today, and might even bring my backpack just in case I should need it. Think of it as Boxing Day coming a month early <3 There isn't a whole lot I want for myself (I plan to see if they have any of these micro-fleece blankets, and might also buy more jellybeans), but there's still much shopping to be done for other people. Well, maybe not much, but I'm afraid to check my bank balance right now, and will be even moreso after that because it's likely have dropped down to around $700. But yes, that will be my fun thing for the day, because otherwise I have laying here repeatedly checking my emails to keep me busy. Oh, and playing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin too, because I randomly picked it back up the other day (as in, chose it out of the list of games on my Acekard), and there's nothing else I really want to do quite yet. Or there is, but it is known as writing about specific topics in here instead of whatever odd thoughts come to mind.

Unfortunately, that, for the moment, leaves only a dream I had last night, but I suppose I could write about it, because I haven't written about any in a fair while. Me and some other random person were in it playing games on a Wii, and we noticed a lock / keyhole underneath the flap where the SD card and sync button normally are, so we asked the owner about it, and they told us a story about how some legendary figure added a feature to it that, when the key was inserted into the hole and turned, a special room in the same building would open up which you could go into to actually take part in the game you were playing. Of course, that legendary figure never let anybody else use the key, but as our luck would have it, the person who told us the story said he felt he could trust us, and unlocked the room. I don't quite remember what happened from there, but the next thing I knew we were back in the same room with the story teller, except this time I had the key, and I just had to figure out some way to get it into the Wii. You see, the console itself was protected in a little compartment which there were passages on either side of it leading into, but you not only had to unlock a small door with the same key to get to it, but also had to somehow cram your head / arm into the passage so you could see what you were doing. Part of the challenge, I guess, but I somehow managed to fit all the way in there, and get right up close so that I could at least see the keyhole / lock. There was a normal setting, which it was at, the "play your own game" setting which was marked with a green sticker, and, for whatever reason, a "Kirby Channel" setting which was marked with another sticker, except pink. Anyways, I put the key in and noticed it was kind of hard to turn at first, but I twisted more forcefully and felt it click over, then heard what I can only describe as being a very distorted version of either battle music from Pokémon games, or the end-of-the-level-tune from Warioland 2. And the only other thing I can remember is pulling my body back out of the booth and looking up to see the legendary figure (an old guy) talking to the story teller. Yeah.

Maybe there's a reason I haven't written about my dreams in a while. I have only an hour and a half left to go now though, so I'm off to maybe take a shower and eat the snacks I bought but didn't get to last night~

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