Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Things Still Aren't Working Out

More of the same, it looks like. Of three things that should've happened today, only one has actually occurred - Teksavvy taking this month's payment from my card. So now I can go remind Adam and Naomi that they owe me $10 each, and they'd better believe they'll be paying me $10 within the evening because they just went out to Walmart yesterday night. And not that it's related, but I was leaving for work just as they were heading out, and Mom took the opportunity to inform me of a gift-exchanging thing people at their church are holding next Saturday. Everybody else is going, and I am more than welcome to attend, but no. Even though I may be somewhat over what I was experiencing before with An Enemy to God giving me an intense fear and hatred of organized religion in general (to the point where I'm starting to hate the idea of Christmas too), I would actually prefer to work if it means missing that, and I think I do. I'm pretty sure my schedule for the weekend is closing on Friday and Saturday, and again on Monday, and even though this past Saturday may not have been very pleasant, at least I'm making more money at work instead of spending what I already have.

Speaking of which, Brandon is really starting to get on my nerves now. As soon as I walked in last night to put my bag in the bathroom, he came up front, and reached down to pull something out of his pocket. At first I thought he had my money (finally), but no. Apparently one if his friends owes him money, so instead of Brandon paying me back directly, I have to go there myself tomorrow sometime. I didn't outright tell him no to that, but I did say he should get the money himself and put it in an envelope with my name on it in the safe. That would be so much simpler, and in case he's forgotten, he's the one who owes me money here, and he's the one who made it impossible, by whatever means, to pay me back last week. We do get paid this week though, and he works from 4-8 on Thursday, so screw it. I will stop by on the way both out to and home from grocery shopping and not leave until I either have another $200 in my wallet, or everybody there knows of our plans for him to pay me back. I'm not going to play this game of running around trying to collect money from third parties who could very well just make things even more difficult for me.

So those are just two of the fun things I have to think about right now, along with Michele having not confirmed what I said about attending the Christmas party this year (but she has the whole rest of the week yet), along with something that is actually fun / good, being that Blurb sent me an email last night to say my book had been printed and would be out shortly. Of course, if it's being shipped from within Canada, "shortly" means it'll most likely be here next week sometime, and that's still a week earlier than I had wanted it, but whatever. I don't have to open it right away. While I'm talking about Blurb though, I've been thinking some more about what I said regarding making each year of entries in here into a book. The biggest problem with that is not being able to say exactly why I would do it yet, aside from just having something to do. I've started playing through the basic logic series of Magipic puzzles in Pic Pic again, and that's all well and good aside from that it really isn't useful at all. Although I could go a completely different direction and move my bed back over to the other side of the room, but, oh, not yet. Not until my birthday, or whenever it starts to snow and doesn't just clear up within a couple minutes. Exactly what I said before.

Anyways though, I have just under an hour left now, and thus probably just enough time to start thinking about what could happen at work tonight. Going back to yesterday, as soon as George saw we both worked over supper he seemed really excited, and started going on about how the two of us could do better on a shift just by ourselves, because the other two people working are apparently not very good. But they're still fairly new, and I know when I was new I wanted to walk out the first night I was put on drive through by myself, so they just need time, or something. I also need to decide what I want to do for snacks / supper afterwards, but Tim Hortons again sounds good. At least I think~

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