Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Lacking Attempt at Humor

I finally received a response from Michele today, and this is what she had to say:

Looking forward in seeing you.

My mind is going … I forget if I told you where… Chatham Breakfast House and Grille by Teppermans noon – 2pm

Here are the 3 choices for our meal – which one would you like

Churrasco Portuguese Style Chicken – slow charred half chicken served with house fries or our famous house salad

Roast Beef Panini Sandwich – slow roasted beef, horseradish cream sauce, tomato and cheese on a pressed Portuguese Panini bun

Mediterranean Fish & Chips – house battered fish, fried to an English crisp

That's exactly as it appears in the email, aside from the text color, and bullets next to the meal choices. So where does the humor come in? I want to say that unless everybody orders the fish & chips, we'll be there well past 2pm. Also though, just to be really fussy, "looking forward in seeing" me? Aside from that one being the only sentence that actually ends with a period, there's really only one way I can think of to make "in" sound right, but she would have to tell everybody "I took great pleasure in seeing all of you here today", which doesn't carry nearly the same meaning. Anyways, yes. There's also a comma and question mark missing from a couple lines in that as well, but for right now I'm more curious as to why she wants me to pick out what I want right now. Past years have all gone to the effect of us going to whatever restaurant, and just choosing from a three-item menu instead, and while I could see them wanting to prepare the food ahead of time at the place we're going to this year, if they do that, we could very well be out and gone by 1pm. Not 2. But that'd be kind of disgusting as well. Hot food - that is supposed to be served hot - really should never be put together any sooner than it needs to be. At any rate, the first and second choices both sound equally appealing at the moment. Probably the first, because it comes with fries (or a salad), but I just sent her a reply to ask if I / we did need to decide in advance this year, and with any luck she'll respond to that before 5.

The other note of interest today - aside from there being absolutely no milk for my cereal when I first went downstairs - was finding a delivery slip with my name on it in the mailbox. Unless that pet brush I bought is grossly oversized, it could be one of two items, and is more likely to be the physical version of this commission. It's fairly damp and gloomy out today, and a piece of art definitely wouldn't hold up well under those conditions, but that still doesn't explain why they couldn't have just put it between the doors. Unless it's the other somewhat more oversized package I'm expecting, but shipping for that was about $40, and there are no fees, customs or otherwise mentioned on this slip I have. At any rate, I won't be able to find out until after 1pm tomorrow, and will probably end up asking for a ride. Although if I knew for a fact it was that picture I'd just walk out, pick it up, and go straight to work from there (I start at 7), because now, for some reason (and this had better not become a regular thing), my package is being held at the Shoppers over on Grand Ave. As opposed to Queen, which was nice and tidy in that it's fairly close to the house and I don't have to retrace my path to get back home, but yeah, things change, apparently. I just wish I had the day off because then I could go out to the Tim Hortons on Keil and see exactly what there being a Coldstone Creamery sign on the building means, but I can do that pretty much any time. Right now, even, and I do plan on going to Tim Hortons tonight, but not that far, because I have an email to finish writing, and just received another one of those future-mail type messages from myself in which I appear to ramble on mostly about commissions (what a surprise), but I can read that too, and maybe work up another email of the same sort to myself later tonight.

On a different note now though, and as one final thing for today, Brandon came into work yesterday despite not being on the schedule. Apparently he just needed to check the schedule or something, but I took the opportunity to ask "You're going to get my money and put it in the safe, right?" He said yes, both tonight and tomorrow, apparently. That means that when I leave work on Wednesday night / Thursday morning I should have $200 more in my wallet. Should, and if I don't, well, I already told Manoah about how I refuse to let anybody borrow more than $60 at a time from now on (kind of an arbitrary amount, yes - I'd have gone with $50, but then I'd have to withdraw ~$200 from the ATM each time), and just... is it fair of me to let one person ruin it for anybody else who might ask in the future? No, but it's my money, and I don't want to be seen as some faceless cash-dispensing machine. Although I suppose I should give people more credit, because they do ask "Can I borrow $[x] from you?" instead of just saying "I need money", but I'm taking this way too far. It's time I went off to continue writing this email or worked on another puzzle in Pic Pic or something. It's not quite time to go wash dishes yet~

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