Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Many Fond Memories

Oh [deity] the memories. Among other things I busied myself with earlier tonight, I took a more active interest than before in making my entries from here into a book. I figure this'll be my new obsession, because commissions always carry the disadvantage of having to directly depend on another person to get what you want. Although Blurb is effectively the same in that they provide the book-printing service, but they don't actually make the book for me. In any case, there's one problem with making a book (or books) out of those entries. There's a ~2 year gap between what I wrote on Dragon Realms and transferred to here, and when I started writing entries on a fairly regular basis. Most of that missing time was spent posting at Acmlm's Board, of course, and about half of the posts I made are still visible in one of the archives, so I got to looking at those. Nothing particularly notable, aside from that I was alot more outgoing back then, but imagine my surprise when I tried logging in and it actually worked. Oh, sure, I can't post new threads or reply to anything, but worse than that, I can't view my private messages, which is a pity because I clearly remember a member named Surlent randomly sending me messages from time to time to talk about me, for lack of a better way of putting it. And I want to go back and look at those again to see what I think of them now. I don't want to say the guy (or girl) was stalking me, because that'd be unkind and really really presumptuous, but even now, it'd really catch me by surprise if I received, say, a comment to one of my entries in here saying the same thing.

I was also a lot friendlier back then though. Nigh-on constantly using ":)" and ";)", and other such emoticons, when these days it's usually "<3", and a couple more that only get used in MSN. Yeah yeah, friendliness can't be determined by emoticon usage, but suffice it to say I am now embarrassed at some of my posts over there. With at least one exception, being this post, and the three other replies after it. I kind of want to go back to those days now, which is directly contradicted by how I got a headache shortly after switching fully over to reading more of my posts, but yeah. Fun times. And I mean back then. Not with getting a headache.

In the end though, I think I will at least try to go through with that. Split it up not into years, but into different stages of my life (listen to me here), and toss bits of commentary in here and there. What would really be great is if I still had the logs of the chats I had with Kari, but I have one little piece way way way way back in my entries here, and that'll have to suffice. It may not be the same as writing my own story, but dare I say a partial pseudo-autobiography would be close enough. What will also have to be close enough though is this entry. It's going to be 8:00 before I get to sleep, and I really don't know why I'm still so alert (I had a cafe mocha and can of Pepsi to drink, but that was over six hours ago). Tomorrow should be interesting, in that I get to go out to Shoppers and pick up my as-yet mystery package, and then immediately come home and have a shower so I can shave properly, because I never made it there tonight. Oh yes. I also haven't felt like this in a while though. Rambling on and saying any old thing that comes to mind, but instead of that, I am done. The sooner I can get to sleep, the less likely I am to be tired all afternoon and evening tomorrow~

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