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This *Was* My Day

Why can't tonight be like yesterday morning again? At this point I was still wide awake, yet skipping ahead only one day makes me kind of tired instead, and thinking a little bit about going to bed and writing this in the morning, because I have commission-related things of interest to write about, both of which involve taking pictures with my camera, and I have neither the energy nor will to get to that tonight. Suffice it to say, my book came today, which is almost frighteningly early (having been shipped from within the states), and, well, I just couldn't resist. First I had to open the package to look at the covers, and that quickly led into unwrapping the book as well so I could look inside. It's hard to believe this (or it) is the same book I was working on creating in BookSmart only a week ago. Less than a week, actually. I sent it off to Blurb for publishing on the weekend, got the shipping notification email on Monday, and had / have it in my hands only two days later <3 The one possible downside is that it was shipped through Fedex, and last time I got a package with them they sent along a letter shortly afterwards saying I owed them money since they covered my customs fees, but at least I'm expecting something like that this time. Anyways, I also got the other commission I mentioned a couple days ago, and it really was fun to just plain receive. The envelope was sealed with stickers as well as the sticky backing of the flap itself, and the inside I found not only the picture, but a note from the artist, and a couple sketches - one a headshot, and the other the basic scene - on a smaller piece of notebook paper. This is what I really enjoy. Commissioning people for actual prints or other physical items and getting little extras with the final product <3 Although it could just as easily be that that's what usually happens, and I see it as unusual because it doesn't happen for me very often, but both are valid ways of looking at it, and I'm not about to get down into weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Continuing even further on the items-in-the-mail topic, however, I am somewhat annoyed with the lady who was behind the post office desk at Shoppers today. Far be it from me to play the "[other store] lets me do it all the time!" routine, but the staff at the Shoppers on Queen never made any fuss about me presenting my Health card as ID, yet the lady at the new one gave me some spiel about how they used to bend the rules, but needed proof of address. So I went back home, dug out an old letter from the bank that I can probably safely throw away now since it has to do with the Visa card I've since canceled, and also packed my book back up into the container it came in, so if need be (and I was really desperate), I could pull it out and say "Here, look at this. Do you really need any more proof that I am supposed to be picking up this package?" It didn't come to that, but I did have to fumble around for close to a minute to get my health card out of my wallet just so she could... look at the front, up at me, back down at the card again, and then give it back to me. When she could've just as easily done that without requiring me to remove it, but yes. I suppose if I was in their position I would take some delight in being strict with customers, so fair is fair.

Speaking of customers though, work tonight. Not all that bad, but at first I was pretty upset. I got my pay stub, sure, but Steve couldn't find anything in the safe for me from Brandon, meanwhile he was supposed to have dropped off at least some of the money he owed me last night. So for the first bit I was inwardly fuming and thinking about exactly what I should say when I stopped by there tomorrow afternoon, and about an hour and a half after I started (which is just a guess and thus could very well be wrong), Brandon walked in, called out my name, and when I went over to see what he wanted, he passed 4 $50 bills over the counter. I only wish I'd known he was going to do that before stopping at the bank on the way in though, because after getting that money, I was carrying no less than $620 in my wallet. Needless to say that made for a sort of careful walk home, but George was with me most of the way, because he wanted to get a Slurpee at first, but then decided on Tim Hortons after I mentioned wanting to go there as well. I can't help but laugh thinking about that now. Which is better when it's cold enough out to be snowing? A Slurpee, which must remain cold or otherwise melt, or a hot drink from Tim Hortons?

As for other events, I sent emails out to the people I most need to hear from about commissions right now and have one response to look over already, as well as confirming things with Michele for the Christmas party (we do need to decide what we want ahead of time, because they'll be closing the office for two hours for lunch, during which time Michele wants to play some games as well as eat, so I opted for the chicken. It'd better not be dry though. Moving on, and finally, I think, I am in the beginnings of talking with Aunt Marie via email about plans for Christmas Eve. If we are going to their place again this year, I'd like to do something different / special, but I need to okay it with them. And going back to Christmas parties for another moment, work's is coming up very soon - next Saturday to be precise, but will I be attending? Most likely not. Mary even asked me that question, and when I told her that I didn't think so, asked if I would be willing to close that night then. I said that'd probably be fine, and it should be. At least George and I, and George has been more or less fun to work with lately. Except for that tonight he was calling me a smartass (I really can't effectively censor that) and awful lot, but I was saying plenty of things to deserve it.

Notice something though? Notice how pretty much everything seemed to go in my favor today? Yeah. All day long I was thinking "This was my day for me", and indeed it was. Even though last Friday was close, too, but looking back one or two weeks, I would never have guessed this would happen. And it isn't artificial happiness either. I'm not figuratively bouncing off the walls and posting three entries in the same afternoon because of all the thoughts running through my mind (although I was considering it regarding those things about Shoppers), and this time, crashing back down will only come in the form of not having as many good things happen tomorrow. I just hope I can... "rekindle" this feeling in a couple weeks when I have those four days off. The energy and excitement would be a nice addition to baking cookies and so on. More immediately though, I need to get to sleep. Last night I wound up with an awful headache that felt like somebody was literally stabbing a knife into my head (it was bad enough to wake me up), and while I somewhat suspect caffeine as the cause of that, I might also propose stress as well. After all, it was only a couple nights ago where I left work an hour early because I could barely even stand due to the intense and steady pain I felt in my stomach. Looking back now, that may have just been hunger, but I have been under a fair amount of stress recently, so maybe it's starting to catch up to me. Five paragraphs is more than enough for tonight though. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the commissions I mentioned above, and maybe also write about another topic of personal interest that has grown significantly lately~

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