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Maybe That's my Problem

For the most part, yesterday went well. I did mostly everything I wanted to, but then I went to bed while there was still a bunch of stuff on my mind, instead of writing about it in here to sort out those thoughts like I might have done otherwise, and guess what? I woke up with a slight headache, and can still feel it now. Mind you, it could also be related to that can of Pepsi I drank, but I think that wore off, because I went from being wide awake shortly after finishing it to really really tired by the time 5:30am rolled around. So I'll give it a try tonight - write about things right away if there's anything on my mind. As for today though, I do have some stuff to sort out, but I'm going to start out with commission pictures, so I don't put those off until the end and possibly not get to them at all. It's kind of funny to have said that, actually, because I started writing the above back at ~3:30, and it's now almost 5:30. Two hours later, and I'm just about there. I'm not going to bother with descriptions though. Anything of importance can be found below each individual picture, so without further ado we have:

a] Prized Possession (Front Cover)
b] Prized Possession (Back Cover)
c] Prized Possession (Page 9)
d] Prized Possession (Spine)
e] Commission from Odd, Plus Extras
f] All of the Money in My Wallet on Wednesday Night
g] An Interesting (But Significantly Tweaked) Picture

Everything should pretty much speak for itself, but the last one, well, it is interesting. It wasn't even a month ago now where I was really quite upset with Feathertail for giving me a disability in my story and saying it was something he was, when I wasn't, but now, well, was I misled? The description of that picture is quite honest, in that I've never considered that before, and previously might very well have gone out of my way to say "No no, that's not me!", but it's getting harder and harder to say. Before I go any further though, something to say so I don't forget: Feathertail finally responded to at least one of my messages last night, but I haven't yet read it, and probably won't. He downloaded the illustrations for my story and that's good enough for me, because if I read that message I'm going to want to respond, and this will just keep going and going and going. It does feel somewhat wrong to decide that on my own without telling him, but I might, quite possibly by just linking him to this entry and saying "read the second paragraph" let him know eventually, because I still want this to end the right way which is, as I've told him countless times, figuratively shaking hands and going off in our own directions. Since it ties into this as well though, more things regarding that second story I was supposed to be commissioning. The author has still not responded to my messages, but I'm 99% certain of that if and when they do, I'll be asking for a refund. I can do this own my own. I don't want to write a fictional story anymore, but I did get a little bit done towards making a second book out of my entries in here last night. That way I can say "This is how I've changed" and so on without having to try and work it out with another person and figure out how to fit it into the plot of the story. That is fun, yes, but I don't have the time or the interest for it anymore.

As for other things though, Aunt Marie is sort of amusing. All throughout our previous emailing each other, she never once mentioned her name, then with the email I sent her yesterday, I revealed that my birthday was on the 13th and she could probably work out who I was from that. She did, and also mentioned how she went back into her saved messages and found an email I sent her four years (four years!) ago to say thank you for the Christmas gifts she bought me back then, and then at the end of her message wrote "Aunt Marie". Yes, I know you're my aunt. Does that really make a difference towards what I'm talking to you about though? For interest's sake, our talks have involved cake. Specifically, my idea to make one on Christmas Eve and drop it off at their place on the way in to work, to surprise Adam and Naomi and Mom and Dad with later that night. Hopefully it works out, but I now have other things to go do, such as leaving feedback on eBay and Furbid and sending out emails to people who I received commissions from this week. Things I've been putting off for several days, but I'm almost caught up now~

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