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Karadur Inacu 

We Do Need More Snow

Oh, yes yes yes yes yes <3 I just refreshed the tab I have open to The Weather Network, and saw a new banner up at the top of the page about a snow squall watch. Apparently things are supposed to get interesting tomorrow afternoon, and that means wind, 20-40cm of snow (at most, because we probably won't be lucky enough to get half that much), and everything else that's been missing for these first few days of December. Oh, but the even better thing (and this is quite good) is that I just went over to check Walmart's hours again, and saw that they're open 24 hours from now until Boxing Day, presumably. So I can definitely think about working that into my four days off the week after next, or three days off this week now that I have more specific plans in mind for Christmas Eve. Honestly, I'm not going to say the actual word(s) again because I really don't want to, but to think that not even a month ago I was seriously wondering if I would even see Christmas, and now here I am with all these new things happening and every so often finding something else to look forward to. Unfortunately, however, getting all of that time off (three days, followed by three closes, and then four more days off) does come at a price.

For one, I have to close the night of the Christmas party (Taco Bell's, that is), as I mentioned before. No huge loss, and I wasn't planning to attend anyways, but now I have to close with Mary and George. He isn't too bad, and maybe he'll keep her busy so I can be left alone, but she, on the other hand, is the closing manager for the night before that as well, which I do close on. In all honesty, whatever though. From what I've seen of her lately, she's nowhere near as infallible as she acts, so as I say in regards to everybody else I dislike, leave me to do my work the way I know how and prefer to do it, and we'll get along fine. I do enjoy a bit more freedom than I probably should with the other closing managers, because the only place their rank makes a difference is with doing paperwork. If I had to guess, I would say I actually tell them what to do more than they boss me around, but yeah. I like being trusted, and I like being able to show that that trust is well-placed. Maybe that's something that happens during the daytime too, but do I work days? No, therefore there's no point to reworking any of what I said to accommodate that. As for the other price, it's much more obvious: my pay will be miserably low. Oh well. I'll get by somehow.

Continuing along this line of somewhat bad things for another paragraph though, I did absolutely nothing I said I would earlier. I didn't leave feedback on eBay, I didn't sent Odd a message to tell her I got the picture and other extras, nor did I leave her feedback on Furbid, and I haven't yet emailed Pachabel to show her pictures of the book either, because I want to take actual, good pictures of the book before I do that. It is a cool little thing to have though <3 Not terribly long (even at the smallest book size, all the pages of the book are about the same thickness as the covers), but it's my book. Nobody else in the world has one (and might very well not want one, granted), and yes. My other work in BookSmart is progressing fairly slowly right now though. I really find it hard to read my entries from back during the days of Dragon Realms, because they were maybe one or two lines - one or two quick thoughts - things I could post to Twitter these days if I hadn't not updated in about two weeks now, and I'm trying to make comments on each of them so I'll have somewhere to start in terms of writing commentary more like what and how I write in here these days. Or maybe it just needs to get to the point where I've written more than a couple lines, but one of those entries is coming up. I wrote about four separate dreams in it, so those should be interesting to read about again.

Anyways though, I do need to make the effort to get everything done but better pictures of my book before bed tonight, and I don't think there's anything too worrisome or stressful on my mind (some thoughts about that entry picture I posted previously - is that actually what / how I am, or am I just trying to justify the way I act by looking for a name for it?), so I might have a non-headache-inducing sleep again. The dreams are the worst, really. Just like when I used to wake up with marked... abdominal pain, which I now think was caused by me eating too much salt / not drinking enough water, I'll be having a dream about something bad or frustrating, which, in the dream, is what's responsible for making me uncomfortable, but the pain eventually becomes too much, so I wake up and notice it hasn't gone away. Time to go leave feedback though. Maybe I'll do one tonight, and one tomorrow when I wake up~

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