Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I've Changed my Mind Again

Not only that, but we're up to two people in something else now. I've already talked about how the person I was supposed to be commissioning a second story from has pretty much disappeared with my money, but I'm starting to think now that I want to get that story from them if I can. Feathertail was the one who said I should think about asking for a refund, but I can't due to the way I sent the payment, and if and when the author responds, yeah, sure, I would like to get a fictional story. I've already paid for it, so requesting a refund would create more problems if anything, and it would be fun to make up a story based on the events of my real life, and continue this second book I'm making at the same time. I don't need his (Feathertail's) help anymore anyways, because my main concern was with the disability he gave me, and I'm tired of trying to respect his views. It's my story. Not his, therefore it's what I want, not what he wants, and aside from a couple behavioral oddities, I am pretty much the same. That will, of course, possibly leave some questions regarding the world Prized Possession takes place in unanswered, but towards those, whatever. It's a fictional world. Anyways though, we're up to two people, as I said at the beginning of this paragraph. The second person is somebody I was supposed to be getting five basic pictures from, and the last time I heard from them was October 24th. Somewhat a pity, because I was hoping to get a Christmas-themed picture from them too, but annoying at the same time, because I dislike not getting what I paid for, for reasons that should be plenty obvious.

On the good side of things though, I heard from the person I've had a commission going with since March of last year today, entirely of their own accord this time (I didn't send them a message at the beginning of the month), and got an updated version of the picture as well, so at least one thing has gone in my favor. Well actually, there's that, and also Dad giving me $10 for the internet after I helped him save a picture from Facebook and print it out. I wasn't expecting it, but no matter. I now have $30 for snacks until next week. I think I might actually be able to stay above $1,000 until our next pay, but just watch. I'll go out to Real Canadian Superstore and / or Walmart sometime soon and come home with several more bags of stuff that I either don't need, or is purely edible. Especially because I know I'll be going out there at least once around 4 in the morning and getting breakfast from McDonalds on the way back, but it's a special thing to do when the opportunity only comes during one month of the year. Although I still have cookies to bake and a room to rearrange on or sometime after my birthday and bread to make and a second book to work on, but that's of less importance right now, because it's only something to keep me busy. Speaking of books though, it would figure a couple mistakes slipped into my first one. The page numbers jump from 20 to 23, and on at least one of the pages there's an extra blank line, but unless / until I have another $50 to spare, I'll be happy with it as-is.

As for today (or tonight, now), I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. There's an email I would like to write about some awkwardness that came up in MSN yesterday (not to the same person I was talking with though), but it's going to be fairly lengthy so I'd like to have something else to do, but I don't know what else to do. Rearrange my room tonight, perhaps? I have the time, and also to a fair extent the will, because then I'd have a reason to go out for snacks afterward, but if I am to do that, I need to get started right now. And I will. Maybe. Once I've taken some time to sit here and think about it some, because I do rather like how things are laid out right now still. Therefore I will start with cleaning up and vacuuming first. Perhaps once that is done, I'll decide things are fine the way they are~

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