Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Was Definitely Mistaken

Going back to my previous entry, remember how I said I feared Blurb wouldn't be willing to give me a refund without getting my first book back? Well, I got a response from them today, and to my surprise and delight, found enclosed in it a coupon code good for a purchase of up to $50, valid for thirty days. No fuss, and no having to provide them with additional information, but was required to give the order number for the book I have now, and photo evidence of the missing pages, but those were both part of the contact form on the website. I haven't re-published it yet though, because it is currently being proofread by somebody else, and only after they get back to me will I open BookSmart again and look through every single page one more time to make sure there aren't any more issues. I have quite literally been given a second chance for free, so it would be negligent of me to not make use of that. What's more, I might actually get the proper version of the book on / before my birthday, which is what I was hoping for originally. It would be nice.

Anyways though, I can say with certainty that I've had an interesting (albeit expensive) night. Work was nothing special, and by far the most unusual thing was having to rotate stock and put all the new stuff that came with the order away, but after that, once we'd closed and I'd gone up front to help George clean things up there, I asked a couple questions. The first was if he would mind giving me a ride out to Walmart. He said that would be fine, and so my second question - in the same vein - was if he would mind letting me leave the shed unlocked so I could put my uniform in it. I think his response to that was "Yeah, sure", and with that we went back to cleaning, just with me being a little more exited than before. Then the end of the night finally came, fifteen minutes later than normal, and out we went. He came in too, for all of a single can of iced tea (but the big can was only a dollar, so maybe I'll have to buy a couple for myself next time I'm out there), and I initially grabbed a bag of jelly beans, but then my mind started racing as to what else I could buy - the ingredients required to make cake for Christmas Eve? Boxes to put cookies in? A food gift which I needed to buy after getting into the mint thins I bought for Dad (which I'm glad I did, because they weren't very good)? Plenty of options, and I didn't want him to have to wait around for me, especially because I planned on walking home, so I said he could take off, and he did. Suddenly, I felt so much more alone. I mean, I was out at Walmart, which is ~4km from home at 3:30 in the morning, and I don't have anybody to call on for a ride, and nobody to talk to about the things I was buying, but that didn't last too long. I have to think a ride would have been nice though, because what did I buy, among other things? Something else for my room. But this time it's just another pillow, not a blanket, so I feel a little less ashamed. Carrying it home was kind of nice too, because for the first stretch (between Walmart and the Gregory drive intersection), I was holding it right up against my chest with both hands, so by the time they got tired and I switched to holding things a different way, I was completely warm - the cold air blowing against my shirt felt refreshing, even, so all in all it was fun and I'm glad I went <3

Unfortunately, because of that, and because of the present time, I am pretty exhausted, and am only writing this right now so I can put my full efforts into responding to an email tomorrow afternoon. Although there are a couple I should reply to tonight, but I've been meaning to write one of those messages for just over a day now, and the other is in regards to my birthday picture commission. It's finished (well, almost finished) already, which is kind of a surprise because there's still a whole entire week left, but whatever. I have it now, with more than enough time to make an icon out of so I can actually use it on that day. And maybe for a fair while afterwards, as I did with my Christmas picture last year. I do at least need to respond to that other one tonight though, so I'll go work on that right now~

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