Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Well, I Would've Liked to Sleep Some More

But nooo. Dad just had to vacuum the hallway upstairs. All I heard was this really loud grinding sound that repeated several times (enough that I wasn't able to fall back asleep afterwards) then it slowly faded away. At first, I thought it was something outside, but then I woke up enough to realize what it was :x

Had couple more strange dreams, this time, involving a TV. I was watching some program on it, then picked up the mouse from the computer down here, and when I did, three things appeared in the upper-right corner of the TV. I used the mouse to click on the middle one, and the volume got louder. Clicked on the third one, and it got even louder than that. Then clicked back on the first one again, and it went back to the original volume. Then I realized that the things there were to be clicked on were images of various parts of the surround sound speakers Adam bought.

The other one took place at work. It was frustratingly busy, so after all the customers were taken care of, we all went out to sit down and have a break, even though the store was a mess. Someone out there made a comment that the owner of the place might be stopping by, so it wasn't a very good idea for us to all be sitting down, but we all shrugged it off, and no sooner than, he walked in the door. Everyone went to get back to work, but I stuck around, in hopes to find out whether he was mad at us or not. He said something or other to me (I can't remember what), and I went back inside. Then, next thing I know, he's using my laptop, and I found he was looking through "My Computer" and I told him not to, because he was getting dangerously close to finding where I hid certain things. BTW, in my defense, I shouldn't even have to hide those things on my own computer, but just putting the folder on the desktop leaves the possibility of any random person coming by, looking at what's on the screen, and seeing it. So anyways, he said something about how he'd already seen her, and my first thoughts were "Are you trying to patronize me or something? You know just as well as I do what you saw."

Weird. Especially for the second one, seeing as I've never actually met the owner of the store yet, and yet the guy in my dream was, for a fact, him.

So yeah. We're having company today ^_^ So far, it's Penny and Brian Harris (someone from Heart and Stroke and her husband), and I'm not sure who else is going to be here. It's a rare day when anyone comes over here (and for a meal at that), so I'm excited.

Work at 9 tonight, and as far as I know, it's me, Josh, John, Steve, and someone else I can't quite remember closing. Jessica also took my Tuesday shift last night, because she's looking for more hours, so now I have to work from 9 to close tonight, tomorrow night from 7 to close, and Monday night from 8 'till. Not bad, but Glenda's not working any of those nights, and she's usually pretty fun to work with.

Oh, and there's one other thing for right now. Does anyone at all know who sings this song, or where it can be found for download? I've looked in all the places I normally do, and have had no luck. BTW, that recording comes from a certain episode of The Drew Carey Show (Drew and Kate Become Friends, in Season 6, to be specific). Just happened to find that particular show while looking for one I haven't watched in a while, and I really like that song, but I just can't find it :\

I think that's about it for the time being though.

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