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All Is Well Again

Before I get to why all is well though, I was talking to Dan Skunk about my continuing situation with Feathertail in MSN earlier this afternoon, mostly about the whole personally relevant themes thing. In Feathertail's words, he tries to fit those in where possible, but I hold very rigidly to the belief that he's writing stories for other people, and therefore he should be writing about those people, and not himself. If it so happens that through writing the story out as the commissioner wants it he sees part of himself, then fine, that's great, but he really shouldn't go out of his way to literally hijack somebody's story because he can see a glimmer of himself in it. I can't remember if I mentioned it in here or not, and even if I did, it was in a protected entry, but would you believe he refused to write a couple certain parts of my story as I wanted them because it conflicted with what he wanted? It's like, hey Feathertail, you're writing this story for me, not yourself, so if I want it to go another way, that's my prerogative. Although to be fair, he did offer to write a different ending which I could then use for the book, but also noted that he would put his version up on Furaffinity, which is just... no.

So on one hand, I feel - no, I know I have sufficient cause to be annoyed, but on the other hand, I'm not looking at things from his point of view. How long would my story have ended up being if he hadn't wanted to use it to write about his own experiences? Would he see reason to continue accepting commissions if he couldn't write about himself in other peoples' stories, and if not, how much does $40 per story contribute toward basic living expenses? Literally, is writing stories for other people his main source of income? Even though I don't know the answers to any of those, you should be able to see that there is indeed another side to things. For the time being though, I wrote those thoughts down in an email to him, saying I needed answers for myself because solving the matter privately would be better for both of us than taking it public, and saved the draft, so if I still want to send it in a week or so, it's there, ready to go. I think that's just about all I have to mention in this regard for now (notwithstanding thinking of something I had previously forgotten that tips the scale one way or the other), so to end this paragraph, here's an easier-to-understand comparison: if you commissioned a picture from somebody else, and the artist drew themselves into it without asking your permission, and didn't offer any explanation or discount for doing so, how would you feel?

Anyways, in regards to all being well again, I think I finally had an all-around decent night for once. It started when I asked Dad if I could get a ride out to Walmart and Dollarama for chocolate bars and more iced / green tea. Oh, but I've just been thinking over everything I need to make cake, and finally thought of what I've been forgetting - caramel syrup. I only need one bottle though, so whatever. I can walk out to Sobeys tomorrow night, or if we do get the GST checks Steve mentioned on the weekend tomorrow, I might go out to Real Canadian Superstore instead and buy some other things too. At any rate though, we went to Dollarama first, where I counted out exactly ten Skor bars, and then went over to poke around in the wrapping paper a bit, since I still need some for Christmas. I ended up getting those ten chocolate bars and two rolls of wrapping paper - one shiny blue, and the other shiny red for exactly $10.08, and then went over to Walmart for two cans of each drink, which cost me less than $4. Definitely a good deal, so it's just a shame the things are so heavy. Maybe I'll pick up some more on Thursday. After finishing up out there, I was brought back to and dropped off at work, which was a pretty decent night. The weather made it so that we weren't very busy at all, and being on a position other than one where I had to worry about washing dishes was a nice change. My hands still did dry out to the point where they were flaking just as before, but it didn't hurt quite as much, so I can definitely say water aggravates my condition. Which is most likely caused by atmospheric conditions this year, because I never had the problem before. Getting back on track though, I did tell George it was my birthday once midnight finally rolled around, and for about two and a half hours we had plans to go to Tim Hortons to that effect, but they ended up being canceled, presumably because of how tired he was. Either that, or he didn't want to walk to Tim Hortons given the weather, but even though I came home and refreshed the page to see that it apparently felt like -20°C out, I noticed no problems other than it being somewhat more difficult to walk at a decent speed because of all the snow on the ground. I did go to both 7-11 and Tim Hortons on my own though, which wasn't as fun, but still sufficed.

As a last aside for tonight, as I just said in the big paragraph above, take a look at the date: December 13th. It is my birthday <3 Unfortunately, the only thing I have to mention in that regard right now is this picture (and look, can you believe it?! I have a Furaffinity account with one image uploaded to it thus far, which is something I swore I would never do before). I'm particularly interested at how it's been up for less than an hour, and already has been favorited twice, commented on once, and and viewed twelve times. Although it was just as alarming logging out and seeing the thumbnail in the "recently submitted" section, but whatever. It was recently submitted, so what else could I expect? For yet another night though, I need to get to bed. I don't know what surprises (if any) tomorrow will hold, and I've asked for a specific type of chicken that I really like, garlic bread, and angel food cake with strawberries and ice cream (and maybe whipped cream as well) for supper, so that'll be fun. Although I'll also be 27 years old by the end of the day. Twenty-seven. And I have to agree with Manoah and George that really don't look it, but that's kind of depressing. I think I feel the same way every year though, so yes. Off to bed, and then I can hope to find a check in the mail in the morning~

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