Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Might Be a Setup

Alright. I figure a couple things here are deserving of at least a brief mention, and I have about half an hour to spare right now.

First of all, celebrations for my birthday are mostly over with right now. Notwithstanding possible birthday cards from extended family and such, but for what it's worth, I got a $20 gift certificate for Value Village, and a little miniature snow leopard figurine. The latter is neat, because it shows they wanted to get something that would be meaningful to me, but as for the gift certificate, well, I think the lack of excitement on my face said enough. It's not that I don't like going to Value Village, but I just honestly don't see the point to having / wearing multiple outfits on different days of the week. I have my jeans, and I have my white shirt. I wear those until they get dirty, then wash, figuratively rinse, and repeat. Just as we were listening to Mr. Tesh on the radio the other night while he was going on about daily showers. I'm not sure exactly what he said, but I don't take daily showers, and in fact only shower when I need to, or when the thought occurs to me. To my mind, I don't have bad hygiene either. I just don't see the point, but I also digress. Things here were mostly good, aside from petty bickering between everybody else, and me clearing as much as possible from the table before I sat down to eat (just as I do at work - catch up on my duties before taking a couple minutes to relax and have something to eat), but then shortly after that - about five minutes, let's say. The phone rang, and I somewhat-unamusedly said "It'd better not be work...". Sure enough though, George was on the other end, and when I answered, said that he wanted to know if I could work 8-11 for him, to close the dining room, because he wasn't feeling well. I said that'd probably be fine and we said goodbye, but then I phoned him back again a minute later to ask if he wouldn't mind me coming in for 9 to midnight instead, since we were just eating supper at the time. He said that would probably be fine, and that call was ended as well.

Now, maybe he legitimately isn't feeling well, and can't find anybody else to cover his shift. Maybe. I, however, strongly suspect a setup. You see, it is first of all extremely unlike George for him to leave partway through his shift - he works (or worked) from 5-11 tonight, so he's already been there for three hours. Even last night, when he was apparently going on less than two hours of sleep, stuck it out, and did end up going straight home instead of joining me for a trip to Tim Hortons, but the point is that he worked his full shift. Also, Manoah is the closing manager tonight, and going back to Saturday evening, I reminded him that it was my birthday today, and he made a big fuss about it and said he should do something for me. Then, later that same night when he, his mom, and his sister all came back from the Christmas party with food, they stuck around in the dining room for a bit, and after hearing mention of it just having been Tryphena's birthday, said mine was coming up on Monday. Somewhat embarrassing, but there's also no shame in it, and then both he and his Mom started making an even bigger commotion about that, saying they should throw a party and have balloons and streamers and all that, while Tryphena jokingly said she didn't believe my birthday was so close to hers, and just... I really, really wonder if that's what's going to happen tonight. For all I know, George could legitimately not be feeling well, in which case I only have to close the dining room and busy myself with other cleaning up for an hour, but I cannot discount the possibility of them having special plans.

As for the other things of note, it seems sending a message to Linda - Tryphena and Manoah's mom - wasn't the best idea. I received a "Hairbrush Story" forward sent to me and several other people from her today. I won't complain though. I mean, seriously, what was I even thinking when I reamed Manoah out over doing the same thing before? They're emails. Nothing more, and can be deleted with the click of a button if they ever become so offensive that I'd rather not receive them. As for why it's notable though, I like how I'm not terribly concerned with the content of the message, but moreso with the formatting. The text starts off centered, becomes left-aligned partway through, and goes back to being centered again at the end, and there's also a single paragraph of text that is colored a darker blue than the rest. Yeah. Random nit-picky observations, to show that I care far too much about detail. The other bit of interest is how I've been thinking about this second book I plan to make. I'm already going through all of my journal entries and putting them into it, but since I'm doing that as a way of coming to terms with my past and putting it behind me, why not do the same with all these chat logs I have saved? Things ranging from when I first started talking to Cola in MSN, to when I met Deoge and we went to the Islington furmeet and made other plans to do things locally around that, and then to everything involved with being friends with Dyno, and just... I'm not looking forward to it, because those are some painful memories, but at the same time, I've had the logs backed up for some years now. I might as well put them to private use.

But now I have to leave. I'm actually moderately excited to see what will happen, but before I go to work, I need to get some more chocolate chips and caramel syrup from Food Basics. I've already explained what I need the latter for, but as for the former, I have two bags from Real Canadian Superstore, but Food Basics' are noticeably more creamy, at least when used in cookies, and creaminess, from my point of view, is a good thing. Time to get going~

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