Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much to Do

I think I need to take a day off from this to catch up on other things. In order, I have the following things to do within the next 48 hours:

a] Take screenshots of my book from within BookSmart to upload to Furaffinity, because Feathertail may very well decide to remove my story after reading the message I sent him last night. I didn't ask him to take it down again, but I did call him out on using other peoples' stories to write about himself, and breaking his own rating rule in writing about the more extreme parts of An Enemy to God. Oh, and in regards to the latter, I have written confirmation both from him and from the commissioner that he (Feathertail) added all of that himself. It wasn't the commissioner who said "I see on your site that there's a limit to what you'll write about, but could you make an exception for me?"

b] Respond to somebody I've been talking with via emails who is / was in roughly the same situation as I was recently. They last responded on December 11th, and I've written four replies since, but all of them are directly related to my concerns, and not what they have going on. I feel somewhat hopeful that they've taken my advice to contact the same people I mentioned talking to before, because that helped quite alot (the driving force behind all of my concerns is that no matter how much I say, it seemed nobody was willing to listen, and they said pretty much the same thing, except that no matter how much they said, nobody was willing to take them seriously), so hopefully they aren't just hanging there waiting to hear back from me, and growing ever more despondent.

c] Make cookies. I baked one batch of the ones Munedust wants yesterday night, but then noticed we had run out of containers (guess who has them all <3). Mom said she could get the last, and by no means a coincidence, largest one back today, so then I can put those in that, and hopefully take all of them out tomorrow either between coming home from the Christmas party and going grocery shopping, or after we get home from Real Canadian Superstore. Also, hopefully before that (as in, sometime this evening), I need to put together another batch of the no-bake cookies. The second set I made on Monday night did not turn out. They are edible, yes, but I'd rather put those on a plate with a warning attached and leave them on the counter here, as opposed to giving them to George. Oh, and George had seriously better not call in sick tonight as well. I can appreciate that if one is truly sick, then yeah, you don't want to be at work, but I have cookies for him, and he needs to hurry up and get better so I can take those in and use the couple lines I thought up yesterday (one involves him calling me in on my birthday, and the other involves he and his family not celebrating Christmas, presumably for religious reasons).

d] Finish writing a response to "Jo". The more I look over what they've asked in their most recent reply now, the more it seems like anything I write to them is going to sound more like a philosophical debate than it is somebody seeking emotional support, but really, I'm not seeking so much emotional support as I am somebody to just vent to who will respond with understanding and a neutral point of view regarding the situation. Seriously, I have never been so angry so consistently about anything. Even with friends in the past, I'd eventually realize I'd been a jerk and was just as much to blame for the friendship not working out, but now, well, I've apologized to Feathertail countless times, and told him about wanting to figuratively shake hands and make up just about the same number, and yet all I've gotten out of him are a couple "I'm sorry you're feeling bad now"s, and "I hope you feel better soon"s. I know, I know, apologizing can come as more of a very delayed afterthought to me at times as well, but never by this much.

e] Go to Heart and Stroke's Christmas party, which is going to be made awkward by that (admittedly) light friction between Manoah's mom and I recently (would you believe I received not one but three more forwards from her this morning alone?), but I can just apologize for that misunderstanding, and then have fun but probably be half-asleep for the rest of the party. And later that same afternoon, going grocery shopping, which is pretty ordinary, but another something I'll be spending a fair amount of time on. After that, however, well... I want to say I'll have the night to myself, but it's still not quite so simple.

f] Wrap Christmas presents. Forget leaving those until Christmas Eve again this year. I'm not doing that again, and besides, I have much extra work to do in regards to that this year. You see, I still have ~25 little chocolate boxes (empty, of course) from after last Christmas, that I'm not going to reveal my plans for publicly because I do want them to remain a surprise, but they will definitely play a part in family (excluding Trish and Ericka, because they'll get one loaf of bread to share, two if I can find a way to keep the first loaf warm for another four hours while the second one is made) getting their gifts. Let's just say instead of several large presents under the tree, there will be four small packages, which will be used to find the larger gifts. Yeah. But that's all I'm going to say, because it feels like I've said too much as is, and want that to remain a secret <3

I'm off to get started on BookSmart though. Or rather, off to continue, because I got twelve pages in last night, and couldn't take the monotony and building irritation related to other matters any longer. But today is a new day, and the sun, while not directly up and in my window (it was literally shining directly in and down on me earlier, which made things quite uncomfortably warm) is still up, which changes things somewhat. Time to get busy~

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