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People Still Watch my Movies

It never ceases to amaze me when I get comments on those PoPoLoCrois videos I uploaded oh so long ago. Today I woke up and checked my spam, because there was apparently one message in there, and it was a comment email. Somebody saying "Thank you!" several times over in all-caps, because the video I'd uploaded (the game's "History" movie, except with Japanese subtitles, which was tucked away on the disc but never used) was apparently the only one on the internet. Yes sir. Or ma'am. I don't see much point to doing something that already exists in another form elsewhere, unless it can be improved upon. I can't remember my original reason(s) for converting those movies and uploading them, but I think it had something to do with thoroughly enjoying the game, and wishing it wasn't done so soon. Which would explain why I then went out and bought the two guides for it in a language that I most definitely cannot read, but whatever. I know I've said this before, but I enjoy having everything that's available, as long as it doesn't cost an extraordinary amount of money. Speaking of which, I got my pay stub yesterday, for about $570. Aside from withdrawing $40 to give $30 of to Mom for gas, my remaining expenses for the moment are iced tea and green tea (more on that in a bit) from Walmart, and exactly one (1) roll of shiny yellow wrapping paper from Dollarama. I may not get all my gifts wrapped tonight, but in regards to the extra work I mentioned yesterday, I have five extra packages to wrap for everybody, so I might as well get busy. But I can't yet, oh no.

I did finish taking screenshots of my book yesterday, and added in a really nice little closing paragraph just to wrap all of this business with Feathertail up (regarding the message I sent him yesterday, I might not ever read his reply - I don't mind sticking up for what I think is right when I can see clear, proven reasons for believing that, but I loathe conflict, so may just look at this as having said my final "piece", and leaving him to think about things), but then promptly got sidetracked writing one of the two emails I have to send out. I was having fun with it too, going over past real-life friendships and talking about some of the more notable parts of those to see if there was any link between what happened then and the way I am now, but 3:00 came much, much too quickly, and the last thing I did was added a description and tags to the covers and spine of the book that I'd uploaded to Furaffinity. Then woke up and refreshed the page sometime before 10 to see a comment agreeing (that it was a nice picture) and asking if there was a higher-resolution version. Yes, there is, but the site's down now, so I can't very well post the link to that. Whatever, I guess. As for the book itself, it has been sent off to Blurb, and just may, unfortunately, not be ready in time for Christmas. Oh well to that too, I suppose. I could've had it finished and published a couple weeks ago, right after I received the "Remplacement book" coupon code (that's what the description of it was), but I'm glad I waited for a bit. Otherwise I wouldn't have thought to add the closing paragraphs near the end (and I really am quite proud of what they say), nor would I have ended up catching a few mistakes in the layout, and correcting other minor issues on pages that contained two blocks of text and an image. Yeah.

But going back to the above now, iced tea and green tea from Walmart. I don't mind iced tea, in any form. I do prefer the stuff out of a can as opposed to from a glass, if only because that's really all I drink nowadays, but I decided I wanted to go to Tim Hortons last night for what? An actual green tea. My reasoning was that while apple ciders were still decent, cafe mochas and hot chocolates and all that were good as well, but awfully thick. Especially with those hot chocolate supremes, every time I order one, I get down to the bottom of the glass, and there's a bunch of extremely strong and sweet chocolate. So anyways, they're the sort of thing that would be better in moderation. Once every little while and all of that. As for the tea, I just... don't know. I enjoyed the taste when it was in my mouth, but as soon as I swallowed and it hit the back of my tongue, it tasted like hot, dirty water. I figure, however, that maybe they're supposed to, and maybe I should therefore give them another chance, except in a smaller size and different flavor next time. Although it's funny how even though I enjoyed it only in the loosest sense of the word, I want another. I really do, so I'll probably just take some change along with me on the way to Heart and Stroke today, and try another variety.

As for right now though, I have a shower to take, and a list of ingredients to double-check. Adam wants me to make oatmeal raisin cookies, which I figure would be an interesting change, but not this week (I still have to make another batch for either Munedust or George - whoever gets theirs second), and he will be helping too. I enjoy making cookies and cakes and stuff, and half-jokingly thought to myself yesterday night "I should start charging money for these", but if they're being made at the request of somebody else, then that somebody else will be taking an active role in their preparation.

It is time I got ready to leave~

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