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Karadur Inacu 

I Need More Time Off

What a mess tonight was. Back on Sunday evening, I expected to go in and close with George, then have four days off, and be back on Friday to work two closes with Steve, and then two more with George. That presumption was proven somewhat incorrect by George asking if I could work for him on Monday but then just yesterday - Thursday afternoon - Orlando called as well, wanting to know if I would take his shift, but I told him no, thinking to myself that I already wasn't looking forward to closing four nights in a row, much less five. Anyways, skip ahead to arriving at work tonight, and I was told several things. The first is that we had been given more movie certificates for doing well on our most recent set of secret shopper evaluations, so yeah. I now have $10 (presumably) in movie certificates that I will once again not likely use. Which is pessimistic of me to say if anything, because there's nothing stopping me from going to see a movie just on my own, but I would much rather just walk out to Value Village and use the $20 certificate I got for my birthday, because at least clothes have a practical use. In any case though, that was one of the things said. Another came from either Melissa or James (I can't remember who), and was them asking "Did you hear Sheila came to your house last night?" Apparently they were extremely short-staffed for closing, but regardless of the situation, it's appropriate that she would've been the one to do that, when Josh did the same thing several years ago too. Showed up at the front door explaining that I needed to come in, whether I wanted to or not. My answer, however, was no, and later on in the evening I learned that she had come by around 9:30, at which point I would've been upstairs writing a long and drawn-out email to that person who only knows me by my alternate name, which doesn't say anything for anybody else, but I was not informed of Sheila making any such housecall. After that, however, the interesting thing(s) came out.

The Short Version] Steve has been taken off the schedule, for good. The second time it came up I told Manoah and James "The pizza maker has gone on permanent vacation", in reference to one of the things he was known for always saying, but yeah, he's gone.

The Long Version] Steve closed at 10. Normal hours on Thursday are 10:30am (I think) to 3am. Apparently both Trevor and Brandon were working, but neither of them were willing to stay, leaving who else present but Steve alone! Well, it didn't turn out quite that way (or so I'm told), because Brandon and Trevor did help him close, but the circumstances were such that by midnight at latest, he would've been the only one in the entire building. If it weren't required for there to be at least two people in there at all times (which is a rule that gets broken all the time, but only for short intervals here and there when everybody else decides to go out for a smoke or sit down all at once), I might enjoy the challenge, but not him, I guess.

Now, there is still some controversy surrounding it, because the first time I heard about it, I was told that he had been fired. The second time was when Sheila said that he was no longer employed with the company, and that if I had any further questions I should ask Melissa. The third time was later on after everybody else had gone home, and came about when I tried to stick up for Steve - tried to tell Manoah that it really wasn't fair for them to fire him under those conditions, but then he said that Steve had quit, actually, which, although improbable, does have a certain thread of logic to it. I mean, if he really cared, he or another manager would've called everybody again to explain the situation, and failing that, would've stayed to help him close themselves.

But that didn't happen, and despite not really making a difference to me in the end (I may have to close more often with managers I dislike now, but will get over that), it made me incredibly stressed, especially with everything else on my mind. I actually gave thought several times to coming home and immediately posting an entry in here to say that I was taking another break, and would be back before Christmas, but that would be both kind of laughable, and not really necessary now, because I've hit upon something that may offer a better idea of why I haven't been able to get over all of this resentment and such. Unfortunately, I'm falling asleep here as is, so I'm going to end this entry shortly, but for right now, it has to do with envy once again, as well as attention. But even if my suppositions are correct, I don't know what I would change, so I still need more time to think about it. Not tonight, however, because I am off to bed~

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