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"Par for the Course"

I think the title about sums it up. Around this time yesterday afternoon, I sent Feathertail two more messages. Attached to the first was a ZIP file containing the screenshots of my book, because at the moment I was more or less trying to say "You've ruined this for me, so here, take these and do whatever you like with them", but as might be obvious by now, that message was fueled by the same sentiment that about half of my others were - hoping to get him to realize that I saw him as the best person to talk to at the time. Petty, yes, but it seemed perfectly reasonable then. It was only a matter of time before guilt got the better of me though, and sure enough, before leaving for work, I sent him another message to say that as far as I was concerned, this anger and irritation we both have for each other now was done away with. I've unblocked him from Furaffinity, unbanned him from here, and removed my "Mark as Read and Archive" filter from Gmail, and while he probably won't do the same with me for a very long while, if at all, I have done, as mentioned before, everything in my power to resolve this. If he still has any problems with what I've done or said, I'm willing to talk about those, but I simply cannot continue doing this. Especially because I have several other things to write about today, which will be in list format.

a] Looking ahead to Christmas Eve to begin with. I was fortunate enough to be given the 23rd through 26th off, so that means I have one less thing to worry about in regards to going to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's place. I will start by telling Mom or Dad (whoever asks first) that I do have to work on Christmas Eve, but that I'll meet them at Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's, because we have a good closing crew and thus should be out of there before they're finished at church or something. I only wish I knew what time "we" (work) closes on the 24th though. I think it's at 7, which means that if I do want to go up there for supper and hang out for a bit, I will have to leave immediately after Mom, Dad, Adam, Naomi, Trish, and Ericka do, drop the cake off, go get supper, and then have about an hour with which to do... nothing in particular. I think most businesses close at 6 that night, but I could just go for a walk or something to look at the Christmas lights. That might actually be fun. My other option is to go straight back to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's and just wait there, but then they would probably want to talk, and while I can talk, provided somebody else is asking the questions, I don't do very well when one thing is said and I am expected to carry the conversation based on that. I had an experience with roughly the same thing last night, but that belongs next to a new letter.

b] I met George's mom last night. Nice lady, and hardly like I was expecting her (don't ask), but the specifics of the meeting were kind of interesting. George ended up getting a ride to work because he still wasn't feeling well, and said that his mom would be picking him up around 3, which would work into my telling him I had things at home for both of them. Things that were cookies, of course, but I was being vague at the time so as to keep it a surprise. Skip ahead through the rest of the night, and at about 1:50, he said we would probably see her in about half an hour, actually, so we were both moderately surprised when she pulled in right at 2. But she was willing to wait while we ran around and cleaned things up, and I should note was waiting in the back, which made for my favorite part of the night. Once I was mostly finished up front, I went to the back, ducked into the bathroom, changed, and without saying another word, darted out again, grabbed a broom, and ran up front to sweep before she could say anything. She did have a chance to say something once the cardboard and garbage was taken out and we'd piled into their truck though. Specifically "So, I just have to ask. What's with the leopard stuff? I mean, most people... you hear that they like eagles or wolves or polar bears, but with you it's leopards" and when I said that it was something I felt fit with who and how I was, actually asked "What character traits specifically?" which caught me off-guard. Honestly, now that I have time to think I can say that I obviously prefer having a small group of friends and being on my own the rest of the time, have a much greater tolerance for the cold than other people seem to, and backing off somewhat into general cat-like traits, have a very relaxed lifestyle, will tear somebody to pieces if they touch me in the wrong way or in the wrong place, am prone to having sudden bursts of energy for no apparent reason, and, which is more coincidence than anything, sleep most of the day, and am active throughout the night. But of course all I could think of at the time was to say that I preferred to be on my own, because I've never been asked that question before. I will admit that I did change out of my uniform and ran back up front as quickly as possible so she wouldn't immediately have the chance to ask about my tail and ears, but no, I've never had that happen before. Oh, and one of the other things she said that I did quite enjoy was about leopards being an unusual species to pick, to which my response was "Oh, well, to be different I guess". Definitely an interesting encounter, but the fun of meeting her and getting a ride home didn't end there.

You see, for the past week I've had cookies up here in my room. Speaking of which, if and when you see this, Munedust, I still require a response to the last message I sent you on here. That aside, two containers of cookies were for them. One container of the no-bake variety, and the other oatmeal chocolate chip, which I gave entirely to George at first, because he was the only one who came inside with me, and he was... really quite thankful. I've never heard him say "This is amazing!" and "Thank you so much!" in such a sincere voice before, and before we went back outside, he did tell me that I could probably expect his mom to fill the containers back up with something(s), but that's just a bonus. Being thanked, and the gift being appreciated is exactly what I was after. I did also get the idea to bring the container of no-bake cookies out and present those to her separately, so I could actually say "These are yours", but I hope they'll share, and they will probably get some more as a parting gift when George moves to the sort of job he's in school training for right now too. It was just a nice way to end the night, and I have to admit that I am curious to see what (if anything) the containers are filled with when they are returned to me. Possibly tonight, but more likely on Wednesday, which is kind of funny to consider. I was giving serious thought to calling in sick on Wednesday, because I needed the time for myself. Now, however, well... five days off instead of four would be nice, but aside from washing the dishes, I have all of tomorrow to wrap gifts and set things up here, which I will definitely make use of. Mostly because on Thursday I need to go out and buy a big jug of apple cider so we have some for Christmas morning. Or maybe I'll wait for now, because Naomi might remind Mom to buy some, and then also cinnamon buns as well. If not, I can get both. I will get both. Then somebody else can prepare them <3

c] Thoughts on somebody else's mom. Manoah's, specifically. Apparently she has a thing against George, which isn't surprising considering Manoah does as well, but the way she goes about expressing it is just... it seems wrong to me. Shouting at him through the drive-through window instead of speaking to him outside of work in a non-aggressive voice? Not apparently threatening to "come in there and beat him down"? Getting upset when somebody apparently rats her out for talking behind somebody else's back? They all sound like plausible ideas, but this is as far as I'm going to get into it. If she does it again I might interrupt and and say there's a lot of work that needs to be done because the supper staff did practically nothing, but he didn't seem too fazed by it, so I shouldn't be getting quite this defensive for him. I just know that if it was me at the window, I would've been in tears before she finished her first sentence. I dislike being shouted at (and there is a difference between shouting and yelling) regardless of whether it's in fun or not, but I've said the same thing before.

Anyways, I have laundry to go grab from the dryer (hopefully somebody put it in there for me, because I forgot to last night), then really should say hi to Trish, seeing as she's been here for a full day already and I've yet to see her again. And after that, oh, maybe I'll actually eat some breakfast today, then leave for work at 7 instead of 7:20 since I need to go to Money Mart and put another $50 on my card. Seems like just last week that I was doing that for November, but at least I'm not stretched quite as tightly for money this week~

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