Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Timing Was Perfect

I was looking forward to using that opening to. Just before waking up, I was having a dream wherein Mom and Naomi drove up to London to pick me up (I'm not sure why I was there, but have a fair idea), and I woke up just as we were driving down the on-ramp, and was quite prepared to start this out by saying "I should get home in about an hour and a half". But then I ended up doing other things instead, and it's now almost two hours after I woke up, meaning that it is too late. If it's of any particular importance though, what I remember most about the dreams was kind of unsettling. I was in a hotel, and finally found my way back to the stairwell so I could get up to my room, and along I went, stepping up several flights of stairs, and passing by at least one other person who was on their way down. It was at the third floor that things turned a little strange, however, because the stairs just ended there. They leveled off, and were bolted to the wall, yes, but there was no door or other exit from the stairwell, and, even more creepily, no explanation of where the person I had passed by on the way up was coming from. Of course, simple reason says that they would've walked up the stairs themselves, found that they led to a dead end, then gone back down to use the elevator instead, but even while they may have done that, past experiences with the same dreams gives me a fair idea of what would've happened if I walked back down and tried to exit the stairwell from the ground-level entrance too. The exit would've disappeared, and I would start to panic, when suddenly I'd be in a completely different part of the same building. Last time it felt like I went from, say, the back, lower-left corner (in a three-dimensional box), to the front, upper-right corner, which is a disconcerting dream to have, at best. I'm still not sure what it is with the theme of me being trapped someplace, but maybe it could be interesting to look into further.

Anyways, I have most definitely earned this night off, and before it is over, will have done the following: wrapped all twenty-five of my small gift boxes, gone out to either 7-11 or Tim Hortons, tidied up my room (including the three nearly empty boxes of cereal I have), vacuumed the floor, and, if I have the time, organizing my desktop as well, since it really needs to be. But more importantly than anything else, I will relax, because as I said at the beginning of this paragraph, after last night, I have earned it. We closed at 2, and were there until 4:45, for two reasons. First of all, it was really busy, obviously because Christmas is quickly approaching, although I'm not sure exactly what that means, and secondly, because George and I were left as the only closers to put the doubly-large stock order away. All in all a thoroughly frustrating night, but you know what's even better about it? That we apparently get to do the exact same thing next Monday, and sure enough, George and I are closing once again. I suppose it would be fair to mention that Manoah was scheduled to close with us at first, but thanks to what happened with Steve, those shifts had to be covered by other people, which meant that Manoah got off very lucky. Or maybe we did, because if he had been there, he probably would've gotten extremely impatient and wanted to go home long before 4:00. There was still a good part to the night though, being that in return for the cookies I gave them yesterday, George's mom made two loaves of bread, one banana, the other zucchini. Technically for me, yes, but I took a couple slices and left the rest on the counter, so I just hope there are still a couple left. Probably not though, since there are six other people in this house now instead of four.

I might as well be off to check, considering I have to wash the dishes as well. The sooner I finish those, the sooner I can get started on my other tasks~

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