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This is Strange

What the heck? I swear Trillian keeps changing my status for MSN to "Away" by itself. It seems every 10 minutes or so I switch back to it, and there's a little "BRB" sign over the blue dot. I haven't made much use of it except for last night anyways. It's like, I want to use it to talk to people, but it feels wrong just going out and adding people to my contact list when they don't even know me :\

I suppose this is what I get for just now talking an interest in IM programs :p Even for the people that are on the list though, I don't know of any good way to start a conversation *sigh*

So anyways, supper's over now, and everyone's in the living room eating pie. Pie. There'd better be some left when I get home from work :x Dad always gets whatever pies we have left (well, technically, they're Caramel Apple Empanadas (and of course Firefox would say that last word's spelt wrong)), so they could at least save me some of the pie they're eating right now.

Holy hell. I need to go get ready for work. 10 minutes before I have to leave :o


There is a setting that allows Trillian to monitor your activity. If you sit at the computer for a few but don't touch anything it will automatically set you away. You can easily change it under the preferences menu. ^^