Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just an Okay Christmas

Not to be pessimistic, but on a whole I would rate this day a 6. Out of 10, of course, and mostly because of how little Christmas there was to it. Yes, we did open gifts, and ate cinnamon rolls and drank apple cider after that, but then I went back upstairs and fell asleep around 11:30, only to be woken up at ~3:30 by somebody knocking on my door. It was Dad, saying lunch / supper was ready (turkey and such), which I do still feel moderately bad for missing, but I have to give myself a fair chance and remember that the meal was probably not an overly elaborate affair anyways. Naomi probably would've gone straight back upstairs with her food, same as she did with her apple cider and cinnamon buns, and I very much doubt everybody else would've wanted to crowd around the table, so they probably just set everything out on the counter, chose what they wanted to have, and then went off to their respective places to eat. Also, there were no stockings! None! Or to be fair there was 1, but it was Ericka's, and it's obvious why she got one. We had to play along with the whole Santa Claus thing on Christmas Eve, which I guess is fun because I can vaguely remember doing that myself, but otherwise, it's just been an okay day. Tiresome as the night went on though, because I fell asleep for about ten minutes sitting up in bed still holding my laptop, but it was nice, so I don't know. Maybe I'll try the same once I actually mean to go to sleep in a bit. As for that $200, Trish seems to have claimed it entirely for herself. Hopefully with Adam's consent, but I learned that she plans to buy Ericka a pair of suspenders, and then use the rest to get the two of them home. That's fair as far as I'm concerned though, so now I'm just left wondering who they think it's from. Probably not me, but that raises the possibility of somebody else saying they gave it to them, and I'd rather not go back there again.

As for tomorrow though, I need flour for sure, really hope Money Mart will be open, and might need to accompany Adam to EB Games, because as it turns out he already had the Assassin's Creed game I bought for him (apparently he purchased it the day it came out), but other than that, I don't want much of anything. Several packages of peanut butter cups if they're still on sale at Walmart or Real Canadian Superstore (I want to try making a couple more batches of oatmeal cookies, but with those crushed up in them instead of chocolate chips), then I might take a look at the blankets / bedding again and try to find a larger micro fleece sheet, but don't have much other desire to shop. Not this year, really. It is somewhat related to my recent state of mind, yes, but I've been noticing a change (most definitely not an improvement) in that ever since I cleaned up my room the other night. My mind is more clear now too, which is depressing because now I just feel normal again. And I am being completely serious. I liked the way I felt. It was new and interesting, and while I have a bit of a theory that says it hasn't gone away, but rather I've just become used to it, I don't feel the same way anymore, and that is saddening. Before I get too caught up in this though, here, one day late, is my Christmas commission for this year <3 I still have three more pictures coming from the same artist too, but unlike that one and the other for my birthday, they won't be based on a specific day or theme. Or rather at least two won't. I'm not sure about the third yet, but on the same topic of commissions, I still need to upload the rest of the screenshots of my book. Probably tomorrow, since that way they'll be done and I won't feel as bad that only the first couple pages are up. I would also like to answer these soon too, because I figure it would be interesting to do so now then look back on them in a year and see if and how my opinions have changed, but in truth I meant to do that tonight, but no longer can because it's nearly 6am and I actually plan to be on my way to sleep by that time tonight.

Maybe I'll just do that right now though. I don't know what time we'll be able to go out tomorrow, but I'm guessing 4 or 5, and I need to set aside some extra time to see if I can find another belt like the one I have right now, because the little metal ring on the loop I use most often popped out today, meaning it's only a matter of time - if I continue to wear it - before that entire section of the belt begins to tear. But those are cheap, and I have a paper gift certificate for Value Village, which makes me wonder. As just noted, it's paper. Not a gift card. Maybe, maybe they can just write the remaining balance on the back, but seeing as the text that's already on it says that they are available in $20 denominations only, I don't see how they would be able to to say "You have this much left to spend", but not be able to give out certificates for, say, $15 or $25. So what I'm getting at here is that there's a chance I could just buy a cheap item such as a belt, and get the change in cash. It would be interesting, but Value Village might very well not even be open tomorrow, so I'll just have to wait and see. Oh, and Josh never stopped by today either. Kind of a disappointment (honestly), because it would've been interesting to see him again, but oh well. Regrets can wait until tomorrow though, because I need to get to sleep right now~

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