Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Thoughts Are Scattered

Random bits of interest to start out with tonight, because I've tried several times now to form them into a normal, coherent paragraph, and it's just not happening.

a] While they may have legitimately been closed on the 27th, Money Mart's site being down (at least for me) couldn't have come at a better time. I needed to go to the site to find the phone number for the store up on St. Clair, but when that wouldn't work, I resorted to checking Google Maps, and called the number there, but nobody picked up. So I waited a day and called again, and just as before, nobody picked up. At that point I went back to check their site again, but found a completely different number than the one I'd been dialing. They are arranged the same, yes (354-xyzy), but anyways, I excitedly went downstairs to try the new phone number, and sure enough, somebody picked up the second time. Had it still been yesterday afternoon I would've immediately asked for a ride out there to take care of business, but since it was Tuesday instead, I just waited, and left for work early. Both amusing and saddening is how when I got home tonight, the balance on my card was ~$313, and now it's $26.39, but yeah, it was a planned expense, which is / are one of the few things I can make an exception for.

b] Curious perceptual and behavioral oddities. Starting with perception, part of my supper tonight was a glass of tea. Not from Tim Hortons, but rather just with a cup of hot water and one of the bags of tea out of the box that Trish and Adam bought. Things went as normal to fill the cup - I turned the hot water on and held my finger under the faucet until the water became hot, but as soon as I put the tea bag into the water, it was like my brain froze up. I was no longer aware of what I was doing, and while this might be an overly-dramatic way of putting it, I literally felt like I was no longer in control of my body. Thankfully that lasted for only a split second, but it happened several times - once when I put the tea bag into the water, another when I added some sugar, a third when I stirred it around and pressed the spoon up against the tea bag so I could squeeze as much as possible out before tossing it into the garbage, and a fourth when I got the idea to add a sprinkle of cinnamon as well. If it's of any relevance, the only thoughts I had regarding what I was about to do before I filled the cup were "Aha, now I'm going to make tea for myself instead of buying it at Tim Hortons" and "But that means I'm going to make tea in a plastic cup, and that seems kind of silly...". As for the behavioral oddities, it's more likely to be related to my current mood and having been put on drive through for my past two shifts than anything, but I am truly and honestly starting to get really annoyed with speaking. The way I've been comparing it thus far is looking at my three most recent shifts. The third, and farthest back was last Wednesday, and saw me get put on line for the entire night when it was really really busy. I said very, very little then, because I found that the more I talked, the more likely I was to mess orders up, and the less I talked, the faster I could make food, and the more I would be able to think about the things that were on my mind. Meanwhile you look at tonight and yesterday night, and I find dealing with customers to be really quite annoying. It's obviously hard to say why this is happening / what the cause of it is though, so for now, it's just interesting to notice.

c] Taking the above and branching off into a bit of a tangent, another tea-related thing that I feel worked out quite well, even though I didn't realize it would at the time. Last night after work, George and I went to Tim Hortons where I asked for an apple cider, and was informed that the machine was being cleaned, so they were all out. For a couple seconds after that, the words "Oh, okay, I'll have an extra-large cafe mocha then" were right there on the tip of my tongue, but then I thought to ask "Do you guys have apple cinnamon tea?" Indeed they did, and dare I say I like it better than apple ciders. Those are still good , but the teas are markedly sweeter, cheaper, and not something I have to figure into not eating too much. But I haven't been doing the whole calorie-counting thing for a fair while anyways. As I've begun to report to George on an almost-nightly basis, I usually wake up, have breakfast or some other small snack and a pop, eat an actual meal at work (not a combo-type meal, but something more than beans with cheese on top), then either stop to get something on the way home, or eat leftovers from supper. If anything, I'm eating too little right now. Not so much recently with the three Christmas-related days one after the other, but hey, it evens out, and I'm about to have a couple more with New Year's Eve and Day coming up at the end of this week. As for how getting a tea instead of a cider worked out (sort of like a tangent within a tangent), it didn't occur to me until I got home that I'd essentially ordered the same thing. Apple cider and apple cinnamon tea do taste quite similar <3

I think three might have to be good enough though. If this planning in advance has worked out, somebody wants to talk to me in MSN tomorrow afternoon (not Feathertail), and it's already quarter after 7, so I need to get to bed. With any luck, I'll finally get around to answering those moral dilem(m/n)as tomorrow, but maybe not as well. It all depends on how much else happens~

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