Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Broken After Four Months

What a perfect end to the night. I mean, with everything else that didn't quite go right or flat-out went wrong, it was quite fitting that the last thing I did (aside from writing this entry) was sitting down in the middle of my floor and removing the screen from my old PSP to put into my new one. You see, even though it was in my pocket the whole time, the original screen got cracked somehow, so when I finally got all of my work caught up and went back to put my music on, I was greeted by a mostly-blank screen. It was upsetting at the time, because I don't much enjoy it when something of mine gets broken, but after some thinking I decided I had three options: use the screen from my old PSP, buy a replacement screen, or buy a completely new PSP. For a couple moments I was about to go through with the third choice too, but even though I just got paid and thus have the money, I don't much enjoy the thought of spending ~$180 so soon. I still need some money for New Year's Eve, after all, but hopefully Adam and Naomi will have given me their $10 for the internet by then, and I'll just be able to transfer what extra I have in the bank to savings, exactly as I did when we last got paid.

On another original note, I really should go into business or something. When I first got to work tonight, I immediately went to the back, and asked Manoah how he was. Mary was there washing dishes as well though, and what, of all things would she ask me but "If I wanted you to make one of those cakes for me, how much would it cost?" Yeah. It's a cake. The recipe is freely available online, and the ingredients can be picked up at Walmart and Dollaram, or Walmart alone if you don't mind paying a little extra for the chocolate bars. But since other people would apparently not prefer to do that, they ask somebody else, and in this case, that somebody else was me. I said the ingredients were roughly $25 (closer to $20, but $25 leaves a bit of room for increase in prices), and either she misheard me or wanted to make it worth my while, because she then said "Would forty dollars me alright then?" Well, yes, it would be, if she's serious about it. But she left shortly after that without saying another word to me, so either it's an idea, much as it was just an idea when Orlando asked the same thing only for it not to have happened since, or she's serious, and more will be said about it next time I see her. Although if she's serious I can just as easily see me walking in and her giving me $40. As the beginning of this paragraph says though, I should just go into business making those cakes. Except for that I'd have to invest in more pans to put them in. Next time I make one I plan to use two round pans instead and put the two half-cakes on top of each other with Cool Whip and such in the middle, but it would also only be half the size of the ones I make now, so both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Cake-related things aside though, I'm not sure what else to say for tonight. Work was mostly okay aside from getting busy just after midnight and damaging my PSP, but nothing much else has happened since. George came with me to both 7-11 and Tim Hortons on the way home, and I bought him a hot chocolate at the latter store which led to him saying that he'd get me something next time, and then I came home and enjoyed my supper, which is actually something. Everybody else had lasagna for supper, and they saved me a piece, so when I got home I took it out of the bag to put into the microwave, and found... hairs in it. The little tiny annoying hairs that come from having one's hair cut. I just went downstairs to ask Adam if that was from him, and he said no, that he'd been at work all night, which leaves the only other people in this house with that color of hair as Ericka and I. And I was at work all night, so it couldn't have been me, which leaves her. In the end I only had to throw away the extra cheese that was on top, and pick a couple more hairs off the edge of the plate, but yeah, hair in food - especially those little hairs - is not fun.

Anyways, I have a commission-related email to send before I go to bed (regarding the picture that I've been waiting for since March of last year), and then hopefully a decent sleep to have since it's almost 8am. Good thing I have two days off now~

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