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It's Not that Important

This is why I'm starting to get a bit tired of talking (as in, actually talking) to other people. Mom just knocked on my door, so I asked her what she needed, and she said somebody was on the phone for me. As past experiences have shown, I rarely if ever get any "good" calls. Most of the time it's somebody from work wanting me to cover their shift or to come in early, or is Brandon wanting to borrow money, so as soon as I was informed that somebody was on the phone, I grumbled to myself a little bit and also mumbled something like "It's not as if I have any choice" to her asking if I was going to answer it. Quiet enough that she wasn't intended to hear, yet still from the other side of the door she shouts "I can't hear what you're saying!" Of course you can't. At least half of the things I say - which is starting to creep into talking online as well now - are things I would otherwise say to myself. They make perfect sense to me, but without being inside my head, wouldn't to anybody else, yet other people apparently still see them as statements of some significance. It's almost exactly like this, as a matter of fact.

Anyways, who would it be on the other end but Brandon. Yes indeed. What a surprise and all that. The good thing is that he only wants to borrow $100 this week, but the bad thing is that he apparently expected me to go out and get it as soon as possible so he could come by here and pick it up. No, Brandon, I'm afraid not. If I actually owed somebody money - Mom or Dad, let's say - then I would definitely go out to the bank regardless of what time it was and get the money, but in the case of somebody simply wanting to borrow money from me - you, in other words - I see nothing wrong with going about my business here, withdrawing $100 on the way to work, and keeping it in my wallet until we're scheduled to work with each other. So he may or may not come in to work tonight, but if he does, he'll get the hundred dollars, and will be made to sign a little slip of paper saying when he'll pay me back, and imposing something like $5 per week late. That seems fair, and will show people that while I don't mind being used as an ATM, I do expect them to play fair too. Or something to that effect. Manoah, on the other hand, had three opportunities to give me some money in December alone, but the most I recall getting were a couple random drinks from Tim Hortons. He explained what was going on this month in advance though, and going by our last chat in MSN, feels bad about it, so whatever. Speaking of him as well, his mom has yet to respond to my email about cookies. Perhaps she's been thinking some and decided that $10 for a dozen is too expensive, or maybe I should just make them up tomorrow, and let her know they're ready for whenever she is.

In any case, there hasn't been much else to mention thus far today, but I can tell a somewhat amusing story about something that happened yesterday. I went down to the kitchen to ask when supper would be ready, and after she answered, Mom opened the fridge and excitedly pulled out a bag saying it contained presents for me that she'd forgotten about, and that I needed to open them in front of her because she couldn't remember what they were either. After going back upstairs to put on some proper clothes, I went back down and unwrapped the five additional presents to find... a package of hot tamales candies, fuzzy peach rings and sour watermelon slices, and, in complete seriousness, two boxes of muffin mix. Bloody muffin mix. I guess I can appreciate them saying "Hey, he's been baking alot of cookies lately, so let's get him more things to bake", but let's look at that under the context in which those things were given - as a gift, to me. Yet I'm the one who has to make them, and I most certainly won't be eating an entire package of mix worth of muffins on my own, so they will be given to everybody else here. Do I enjoy making things to share with other people? Yes, but not quite so much that being given such things as gifts makes any sense. Especially because I have to provide the icing myself. Yes. They certainly thought that one through <3

But now I am off to use this remaining hour to restart and install some things that I can't until I reboot my laptop. Also in regards to those internet problems, it's curious, but everything seems to go more smoothly when I disable traffic shaping in cFosSpeed. Maybe it's still in its configuration stage, in which case I can enable it before I leave for work, but it's still kind of unusual. Narrowing it down to that does beat my original fears of completely reinstalling Windows and everything else though. Maybe with time, but not until I have at least two days off, because it'll probably take me the better part of a day to figure out everything with this relatively new OS~

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