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Karadur Inacu 

Tuesday is Baking Day

I suppose that about settles it then. I already have two things to make by the end of the night, three if I had any icing (not that I couldn't probably make it on my own, but no, not tonight), because I spoke to Manoah's mom when she came to pick him up yesterday, and was informed that she'd just read my message, and that I could make the cookies she wants anytime. Added to this tube of cinnamon rolls that I was planning to make up last night but didn't quite get to, and it makes more sense to put those to use tonight, since I think Trish and Ericka might be going back home soon. That is, of course, a very big might, but I could be sure I heard Trish say "When we come back in March..." as I was leaving for work yesterday, and then earlier this morning, which could very well have been in a dream, heard Adam ask one of them "What are we going to do with your last day here?" And maybe it's just a coincidence but Mom is making a pot roast (or at least that's what it smells like) for supper tonight, so yeah, I guess I'll find out for certain either tomorrow morning or when I get home from work the morning after that. I should probably say that it's been mostly okay having them here this time too (possibly because I actually took a small part in things on Christmas and New Year's Eve, but then this morning on the other hand? Oh, no. I could hear laughing and yelling and all sorts of noise coming from downstairs before I even got up, but it wasn't loud enough to bother me, however when I did get up and go downstairs, I walked into the dining room just in time for Ericka to start screeching because Adam was tickling her or something. Then she started meowing, which I'm told she did before while I was upstairs sleeping, because she wanted my help. Yes. Screeching it not a pleasant way to start any day, really.

Continuing along with the beginning of the above paragraph though, I have to admit I have some concerns about cookies now. If people want to pay me to make some for them and don't mind paying $10 for a dozen (give or take - maybe throw a couple extras in to be nice), then great, just let me know when you need them, and I'll give you a call or notification by some other means when they're ready. As for other people though, well, what do I do now? It's not fair to anybody who pays for them if I make more of the same type to bring in and share with everybody for free, but I suppose what I could do for that is start going through this book of cookie recipes I was given for Christmas (not selectively either - in order, from the first page to the last) and bring those in to share, and if anybody wants to actually buy some, not make those quite as frequently anymore. On the other hand, the difference in somebody buying cookies from me as opposed to me giving them away for free, is that they'd be buying those entirely for themselves. I remember Linda saying the peanut butter cup cookies would be good to dip into tea (which I would agree to, because the saltiness would be nice, and they're kind of dry on their own), so presumably she wants a dozen for herself. Not just to buy and bring in to wherever she works one day and say "Here, take a cookie!" In any case, the other thing I need to keep in mind is that I will have to buy those packages of peanut butter cups in sets of three from now on. Good thing they're only about as expensive as the equivalent amount of chocolate chips. Bad thing is they're all the way out at Real Canadian Superstore (and possibly Walmart, but for a penny more), but whatever. I remember walking out there before going to work at least once in the past, so if I did it once, I can do it again.

Unfortunately, that brings back disappointing memories of December. Did I walk out to Walmart and home again even once? No. Did I go out to Real Canadian Superstore to take advantage of them at least being open until midnight? No. I ended up going out there three times, getting a ride from George all three, and walking home the very first time, which was still fun because I've never carried a large pillow and several bags of random items home at ~4 in the morning before. However, I never did make it out to McDonalds, and not once got all excited with anticipation about doing what I did last year - realizing both places were open 24 hours, and spontaneously deciding to go out there at 4 in the morning. I still stand by that money had a fair bit to do with it, but regardless, that doesn't stop me from at least going out to get breakfast again. I just wish I could remember how long it took to walk from St. Clair and McNaughton to Keil and Richmond, because I have not one but two closes coming up this weekend, and the crew is such that depending on how busy it is, we might not get out of there until about 4:30. And since I still have another month to go yet, I might as well not worry too much about staying up until 8am. I did this morning, entirely because I'm working through Pic Pic again, this time on my DS (and without brute-forcing the advanced logic Magipic puzzles, which are slowly starting to make a little more sense), and will probably do the same with my night off tonight, but first I have dishes to wash, and then things to bake. And I can now ask who ate the other tube of cinnamon rolls that I bought, because whoever it was won't get any of these. They didn't ask, and fair's fair~

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