Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Like they Know Me

Oh, I like the writer's block question for today. When was the last time you (I) had a serious conflict with somebody on LiveJournal. Does it count if they're registered here but don't actually go on the site very often? If so, my conflict with the other person is still going, but lately I've been trying to drop the personal feelings, and am instead presenting them with facts (cold and hard ones, of course) and evidence that support my saying what they did was wrong, and they owe it both to me and to anybody else who should come their way in the future to keep their terms and conditions honest and up-to-date, and to not take advantage of other people in the future unless they've gained that other person's permission. The vagueness here is sort of interesting though. There's nothing stopping me from saying names or being more specific about the details, but I just don't want to. Is that good, or is it bad? It's kind of hard to say right now.

What I am more certain about, however, is that I'm done with cookies and baking for at least a week. Preferably with washing dishes too, but there's a fair chance of having to do just that at work tonight. I made Linda's cookies yesterday, just as planned, but then decided that since I had only a little bit of vanilla extract left, and only one more bag of chocolate chips, that I'd make up another batch, so I did, then washed the dishes and dried the dishes and put everything back where it came from, so by the time I was all finished, I'd been in the kitchen for another six hours. I can tolerate those sort of conditions at work, because there's alot more space to move about in, but the kitchen is somewhat cramped, and I dare say it was only by finding "new" music to listen to (disc 2 of kors k's "Ways for Liberation") that I was able to stay down there for so long. Not to be dramatic about it or anything, but cookies have been made, and I think the next time I make some, the recipe I follow will be the first in that large book of cookie recipes. I've pretty much memorized everything needed for the oatmeal chocolate chip variety, so it's time to find something new <3

Before I get to that though, I'm back to having too much to do again. Well, a little less than before now that I've responded to some commission-related emails, but I got the idea last night to put music by Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, and DJ Sharpnel on my PSP. The former two because I'm slowly getting back into enjoying those genres of music (it comes and goes), and the latter because I've had several albums by them downloaded for quite a while now, and think it's finally time that I got around to listening to them. Unfortunately, while I started that last night, I didn't quite finish, because I decided commission emails took precedence, and was busy with those until about 8 in the morning. Yet again, I know, but it's still of no consequence for now. I might as well try to finish the music right now though. Two hours might end up being just enough~

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