Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

An Exercise in Pointlessness

Two exercises, actually, so let's start with the one that happened yesterday.

Among the other running around I had to do, I went out (or rather got a ride out) to Value Village to look for a belt. The one I ended up deciding on cost a whole $2.25, so while I could easily have paid for that with change from my wallet, I still gave the cashier my gift certificate, and watched her key the numbers in on the till, then count out exactly $17.75 - in cash, mind you - as my change. Yeah, that is pretty much what I expected to happen, but what is the point to gift certificates otherwise? There really isn't one, at least from the customer's point of view. The good thing is that I now have an extra seventeen dollars and seventy-five cents, I might not be able to use that for anything after all. Manoah's mom also came by to pick up her cookies yesterday, or rather she stopped at the house on the way home from picking Manoah up from work, and sent him to the door with a ten dollar bill. So by the end of the night I had an extra $27.75, and spent five dollars of that at Tim Hortons, then was planning to spread the rest out over the next couple weeks to be used at / for these frequent visits that George and I make to the same place. I spend an average of five dollars per visit there, but no, it wasn't to be. Skip ahead to this afternoon now. I had closed Pidgin because I was (and still am) in a fairly pissed off mood, and about five minutes after doing that, got the following email from Manoah:

Hey what happened to you you we're just online....lol so umm I was wondering if you could lend me 20 till like mon or tues when I get my gst..... I'll pay ya when I get it it should be the begining of the week...iof you could bring it in with you tonite that would be great....I also understand if you decide 'no' cause I haven't paid you in a while....but if you sign in and leave me a message one way or the other that would be awesome...cause I'm always signed in:) thanks m

While I am technically signed in right now (I am "Invisible"), I won't leave him a message one way or the other, but I will lend him twenty dollars, because it's not a big deal, especially considering Brandon already owes me a hundred, and I didn't know we would be getting GST checks soon. Of course, that begs the question of what he needs the money I'll be giving him tonight for, but yeah. The pointlessness of all of this is that as soon as I get any fair sum of money, other people swoop in with their requests to borrow some of it. Oh, and also on the topic of recurring themes, back on the 1st of the month I mentioned how two of the places I went to that day (work and 7-11) got quite busy shortly after I showed up, and the same thing happened at Shoppers yesterday. I ended up being given a delivery notice for a package because nobody answered the door the first time, and when I went in to Shoppers to pick it up, there was only one guy ahead of me, and nobody behind me, but by the time that guy finished (he was sending out four or five different things), there were at least three more people waiting behind me. But thankfully I got in and out quickly after that, because they took a piece of mail with my address and health card as ID without fuss. What they need to do though is offer some sort of application form so that people without their driver's licenses or other proper government ID can get some sort of card to show the people at the post office in order to pick up their packages. Soon enough I'll have to do everything short of giving them a tour of this house (to prove that I live here), and even at that they still might say no. Kind of sad, really, but those PSP accessories are small enough that they should fit in the mailbox, and I won't have to jump through nearly as many hoops to get them.

Anyways though, I have just under an hour to find other things to busy myself with and hopefully calm down a bit before I go to work. For the record I'm not really depressed right now, but am stressed out and very angry. Work, unfortunately, could make that even worse, so here's hoping for at least one decent night out of two~

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