Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Things Are Going Well Again

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a repeat of yesterday (minus washing the dishes) right now. By far the absolute best moment(s) were going out for snacks the first time and enjoying all the snow that had fallen, along with the general silence and serenity, and then going out a second time later on (around 4 in the morning), except in the opposite direction, to 7-11 and Tim Hortons again. I'll wait until next Tuesday, so that way it's a full week and a day to allow for my having two days off in a row next week, but I really need to take a picture of all my cups and trays and yogurt cups and other such cruft from both places. I have what I would call a considerable pile stacked up already, but I know I'm not done yet. Anyways, continuing on with the best moments, when I got home from the second outing, just as I was walking up the sidewalk to the house, I reached down and grabbed a handful of snow, tossed it up into the air, and let it float down over me and everything I was carrying. Something about the weather, or something about the general circumstances of yesterday (going from boring in a bad way to exciting in a good way), and to top it all off I stayed up until 10am to write somebody an email telling them about the sort of day I had. Unfortunately, that led to sleeping until 5, and it is quite obviously alarming to not only wake up when it's turning dark out, but also to have only two hours with which to do normal things, one and a half of which were spent being entirely unproductive then eating supper since pizza was ordered, and what actually could make things amazingly better again is to be called (or have been called) by work to say "We don't need you to come in tonight because of all this snow", but given that there are only two people closing, and I'm one of them, the chances aren't all that great.

That actually leads itself to some difficulty as to what Gabby has planned. I wouldn't imagine she doesn't know how to close line, but she hasn't on any of the closes I've worked with her thus far, and in fact, aside from Saturday when I called in sick, due to being in a really, really bad mood, she has put me on line when she was the actual shift manager, which she is tonight as well. Whatever happens happens though, I suppose. There's a fair chance we won't be busy because of all the snow that fell last night and is hopefully still falling, and I want to go to Tim Hortons (again) for at least a hot chocolate supreme. Eating itself is actually becoming kind of interesting though, in that while I can eat (as in actually chew and swallow) things, I vastly prefer drinks instead. Teas, hot chocolates, cafe mochas, apple ciders, and so on. Even yogurts from Tim Hortons have become kind of overdone, but drinks are quick and easy, to the point where I bought a bottle of lime Pepsi (which was alright) at 7-11 last night. Speaking of which, I think regardless of exactly how much I get paid, I will need to look for more of those 18-can cases of Pepsi at Real Canadian Superstore tomorrow, because I really, really need some more. Well, perhaps not that badly, but I do want some more even if they aren't on sale anymore.

Unfortunately, it's now 7:20 which means I have to leave for work, as short as this entry is. At least I have possible snack-getting to look forward to though, along with going grocery (and therein baking supply) shopping tomorrow. That should be fun~

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