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Obligatory Winter Illness Entry

This is most definitely a familiar feeling. Yesterday I was feeling rather ill, enough so that I decided if I should feel the same way this afternoon, I would either call in sick to work or walk up there so they could see how I looked, but now it appears I won't be doing anything of the sort. Possibly aided by having slept for almost 12 hours, I feel mostly better now, and it's probably for the best that I go to work anyways, because Manoah apparently has some money for me. Which, along with the extra $60 I already have in my pocket (one-third from him, and the rest from Orlando for the cake I will be making on Monday or Tuesday), will put my checking account up to a slightly better amount. Or maybe it would be more sensible to deposit just $40, and keep the $20 for snacks, since I'm pretty sure I want to go to Subway for supper tomorrow night, and so on. Just maybe.

As for being sick though, well, I'm still trying to pinpoint exactly where it started. At first I was sure it was all set in motion by my getting out of bed and going grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, because aside from having a stress-related headache when I woke up, I felt perfectly fine. But then as time went on and we got out to Real Canadian Superstore, I noticed that I was much more tired and irritable than normal. Usually when I don't sleep for long enough, I feel just a little bit off, but the way I felt yesterday afternoon was more like almost falling asleep right there in the middle of the grocery store, several times in the same visit. Then after that we went to Dollarama where they first had no Skor bars, and second of all no pepperoni sticks which I figured I might as well pick up some of while I was there, and Walmart had no more of the double packs (of Skor) either, so I had to settle for four of the four-for-$3.97 packages, which cost a good dollar more than I would've spent normally. But by the time I had everything I needed though (excluding shampoo because Real Canadian Superstore didn't have it, and Pepsi because the latter didn't have the 18-packs either, and I didn't think to check at Walmart), I'd spent ~$25 at Real Canadian Superstore, and ~$60 at Walmart. Yeah. Fun. It seemed so at the time too, because I was pretty confident about making the first cookie recipe in my book later that night, but once I laid back down and all the energy and warmth drained from my body, I started having my doubts. Fortunately, even though I did take the book downstairs in preparation to get those going, I decided to call Orlando at work first (Naomi was in the kitchen washing dishes, and it would've created some difficulties if we were both in there at the same time) to see if he remembered to get the money for a cake, and when he did, I immediately went back upstairs, got properly dressed, and took off to work.

Curious to note is how when I left the house I was cold to the point of shivering. Just from simply being in the house alone, yet when I went outside and started walking at a decent pace, I was nearly sweating! Not at all fun when combined with feeling completely drained, but I made it there anyways, got my $40, and then began my trip back home. I decided it would be a good (as in prudent) idea to stop in at Tim Hortons along the way and get a peppermint tea, so I did, went back home, and mostly lazed about for the rest of the night, where "lazed" indicates even less activity than I normally take part in. I talked with Manoah for a bit about how I wouldn't be making cookies after all, lest I make he and whoever else tried them sick, and also how Brandon had indeed not left me any money in the safe, which makes this the second loan in a row that he's failed to pay me back on time. As I told Manoah, I wouldn't mind if he'd give me a call to let me know there would be a delay, and it makes perfect sense that he should do that when he can call here - even when he's not at work - to ask about borrowing money, but as long as he keeps this up, he'll simply be informed that he's too high-risk for me and thus cannot borrow any more than $60 next time he asks.

Anyways though, getting back to last night, the really fun part came when I started feeling really, really uncomfortably cold again, and decided I would go have a bath. Aside from getting undressed which felt painfully cold once again, getting into the tub was really, really nice. Then eventually my body adjusted to the temperature and it just seemed lukewarm, but even despite that, I turned both taps off, and laid there for a little while longer enjoying it, and was eventually forced to get out, which sucked quite a bit, even though it was inevitable. It hurt, just as rubbing the towel on my back did, and needless to say, laying in bed with the window open was quite alarmingly cold at first. I ended up putting a pillow in it though, and then sat there thinking about what to do, eventually coming to the conclusion that even though I didn't feel like eating, and there was a fair possibility of anything I ate coming straight back up, I still needed to give it my best effort, so off I went. Don't ask where I got the brilliant idea to make a six-egg omelet from, because I ended up taking one bite from it before feeling full again, but I did, and upon coming back upstairs to eat it, actually had to remain fully dressed - sweatpants, t-shirt, and socks, in addition to laying in bed and covering myself up with blankets so I would feel okay instead of cold. That eventually led to becoming uncomfortably warm though, so in the end, I finished eating (the entire omelet, of course), and then more or less sat there until 4:00 thinking about what to do before deciding that I was much too tired to stay awake any longer, and went to bed at roughly 4am, which brings me right back to where everything started. On Wednesday night, I went to sleep with only one thin blanket covering me and my fan turned up to the second speed, and still felt quite fine. Meanwhile, I went to sleep last night with my fan turned off, still with only one thin blanket covering me, and woke up feeling cold and uncomfortable. Quite like how sleeping over at Josh's house used to be, actually. Eventually I started getting a headache too, but had the presence of mind to take a Tylenol and go back to sleep, but not before pulling another blanket up on top of the first one, and going back to drifting in and out of sleep for the next couple hours.

In the end, being sick is fun and interesting because it's different. What's even more interesting is / are my brief suppositions last night that that some or all of the way I felt could be psychosomatic (caused by my mental / emotional state), but unfortunately, I have some commission emails to respond to, and after that, baking ingredients purchased yesterday to sort out. Or maybe I'll do the second one first, because I actually know what I need to do for that~

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