Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Mostly Gone Already

Seriously, while I can't honestly say I would rather have a cold, since they suck ever so much more, it's somewhat disappointing to feel almost completely better so soon. My throat is still somewhat sore, yes, but aside from that, do I hurt all over? Do I feel like I'm going to fall asleep even though I just woke up from about seven and a half hours of sleep? No, not at all. Especially amusing is how much food I ate at work yesterday night, compared to only one bite of my eggs filling me up on Thursday. I knew from before I even left the house that I wanted to go to Tim Hortons, so originally I was going to get the hundred dollars Manoah had for me, and go across the street to deposit it and the other $40 Orlando gave me on Thursday evening. However, there were quite a few people ahead of me in line at the bank, so I ended up giving serious thought to going back to work and just stopping in at the other Canada Trust on the way back in there for my supper shift this afternoon. Nothing ever came of that, however, and I did finish with my business there and make it back to work with a couple minutes to spare, but also didn't make it to Tim Hortons, and thus had to work for several hours on an empty stomach. Eventually James went though, and came back with - for me - a donut which Manoah demanded I give to him because he wanted the same kind, but I had gotten the last one and it was rightfully mine because I had paid for him too (I did just give him half in the end though), a vanilla yogurt, and apple cinnamon tea, and one of those chicken bacon snack wraps from McDonalds because they sounded good. Really, they weren't, but then even after all of that I also made a bean quesadilla sort of thing after we'd closed, entirely because I wanted to eat some of the beans even though I wasn't really hungry, and the rest of closing and cleaning up went just as it normally does on any night where things are left until the last minute. Well, that is aside from Manoah hooking his phone up to the radio and turning the volume up ridiculously high, but I just changed out of my work pants into my jeans instead so I could listen to my own music without taking even longer in the bathroom once we'd finished, untangling cords and things.

So all in all it was an okay night, but speaking of Manoah, the agreement - until I said otherwise - was that he'd give me $200 this week since he didn't give me anything at all during December, but according to what he said in our chat on either Thursday night or yesterday afternoon, the bank took at least some of his pay for fees, so he was going to "try" to give me $200, but wasn't sure if he'd be able to. So I, trying to be helpful, told him he could give me $100 this week and another hundred next time we got paid, which he agreed to at the time, but when I brought it up at work yesterday night, he wasn't sure anymore. Which would be acceptable once again, but I wonder if he realizes I said what I did in attempt to be helpful, as opposed to proving that I'm a pushover or somesuch. As for Brandon though, still no sign or word for him, but am I surprised? Not really. The fact that he doesn't work tonight is frustrating enough for reasons that I really shouldn't be concerned about, to say nothing of him owing me money, but I see him (or should see him) once next week, on Wednesday night.

Writing this has taken a bit longer than I expected it today though, so I am going to have to leave it as is, and head off to work. It would be so much better if I knew I was going out to work a supper shift followed by two days off, but I've been lucky enough to get that twice in a row, with only Wednesday in between, so I'll keep that mind if it ends up being really busy or something~

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