Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Eating Makes Me Sick

Not quite in the way the title might imply, but can I afford to be overconfident two days in a row? I woke up yesterday feeling much better, and aside from my mouth being quite dry, felt the same today, but things took a turn for the worse shortly after I ate at work last night, so I'd rather the same didn't happen again. Looking back now though, that I started feeling sick only after I ate does make perfect sense. Throughout the rest of the day (which was waking up at 3 and leaving for work at 4, followed by working), I only had a small glass of water to drink, and absolutely nothing to eat. Thus there was nothing in my stomach for my body to react adversely to, so I ate, went out to clean the bathrooms, and shortly had to go in and sit on the toilet in the staff bathroom for a good five or six minutes until I started feeling better.

You would think I'd take that as a sign not to eat anything else for the rest of the night as well, but no, I went to Subway for supper, and then to 7-11 for a couple bottles of pop (which I might do again tonight since they're only $3 for two 591mL bottles) and candies. Which I ate almost all of shortly after getting home, and then couldn't figure out why I was suddenly so tired and in so much pain. That eventually passed though, just in time for me to go start the best task ever when it's 4 in the morning and you're sick: baking somebody else a cake. Oh yes. Before eating at work, I told Orlando that since I was feeling better I would probably make his cake when I got home. In the end, I did, but it was a first both in being the most exhausting baking session ever, and the only in which I've worn gloves to make anything. Aside from at work, obviously. Then he came and picked it up earlier this afternoon, so I just hope he, his sister, and whoever else has a piece enjoys (and doesn't get sick from eating) it <3 I honestly do, because if I find out that they did end up coming down with the same illness as I have right now, I will give Orlando his full $40 (rather $30 by then) back.

Speaking of which though, when Mary asked about me making a cake for her before, she said it in a way that sounded like she wanted one within the near future, yet when I asked if she had the $40 yesterday (because I won't see her for at least another week otherwise), she told me she had only asked to have a price in mind if and when she wanted to buy one. I, however, told her I had already purchased the ingredients, so she said something to the effect of leaving the money for me in the safe "tomorrow", and asking if I could believe that she worked on a Sunday morning. I can indeed, because I don't keep track of who opens. Sometimes I'll ask in order to make a humorous remark about certain things that should be done for the manager, but otherwise, no. So now Orlando owes me a cake pan, which he will be refunded ten dollars for upon receipt, and then I'm not charging Mary any sort of fee for use of the thing, which is somewhat pointless, but for these two requests, I'll say it doesn't matter. If and when a third person asks though, I will either go find and buy a cake pan of my own, or charge them maybe just $5 to use one of the several we have here.

It'd probably prudent of me to end this here tonight though. Given that I'm not feeling well, and have a slight cut on the bottom of my foot, it's going to take a fair bit longer to get to work, along with the fact that I just heard Mom say it was time to eat. Bacon-wrapped chicken tonight, which is funny given all the internet fuss over bacon, but if I don't try some now I won't have a chance. Hopefully it tastes good~

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