Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Firefox Has Messed Up

...which will bother me forever (or at least until I fix it) now. It used to be that when I clicked the "Post" link up in the navigation bar, it'd open a new child tab directly underneath the tab I have my LiveJournal opened to, but now it goes down almost all the way to the fourth slot up. I can't think of why it would do that either, aside from weirdness related to the vertical tab bar extension I have installed, but it is annoying. However, it can't even compare to digging through every single extension's files and messing around with userChrome.css and restarting the browser ~20 times in the span of an hour. That was frustrating, but also fun when I got whatever I was trying to do to work, but now, well, it needs to just work. The days of spending hours fiddling around with that ended quite a while ago. Right now I am only concerned with writing this and responding to an email before I go to bed, because I'm growing quite tired of the mornings I'm having lately. They almost always go that I wake up, go downstairs to check the mail and maybe pour some cereal, then come back upstairs and stare at this "Post an Entry" page trying to think of all the things that were on my mind the night before, but that I couldn't remember after sleeping. It is a flawed concept, really. Taking right now as an example, it is the end of my day, meaning I'm getting ready to go to bed, and will very doubtfully be doing anything else worth mentioning before going to bed, so I should write about the things I did now, instead of leaving them for the morning, which is the beginning of the day, at which point nothing will have happened, unless something comes in the mail for me. Not to mention that February is less than a month away, and once I start going back to Heart and Stroke, I will have even less time to do things in the morning.

So that being said, what did I do today? Beat Half-Life 2: Episode 1, for one thing. Legitimately (without cheats) of course, just as I beat Half-Life 2 (the original game) the same way yesterday. Neither are particularly difficult, especially with the aid of quicksaving and loading, but episode 1 was getting to be really annoying at the part near the end where you have to ferry all the refugees from their base to the train station. Back and forth and back and forth, but that's done. Alas, I cannot play episode 2 yet, as I couldn't get it to work, but I hope to have that fixed within a day or two. Moving away from games though, I also made these <3 I wasn't quite sure at first, because I took my laptop downstairs so I could listen to music while washing the dishes first, and then lost all will to even leave my room when I went back up to get the cupcake mix and such, but that is, frankly, nothing new. It's like back when Squnq picked me up to attend the furmeet in London - every single Monday evening for weeks after that was an irritating mess of being agitated and wishing I was there hanging out with "my crowd", made worse by having to work at least half of those Monday nights, but I got over it. My reason for being agitated now is, unfortunately, not quite so simple, but the feeling is the same - being uncomfortable and wishing I was anywhere but standing in front of the sink washing dishes, but eventually getting over it. With time, those feelings will fade too, but that time hasn't come yet. As for the cupcakes though, well, while they're a neat change, I prefer the cakes, entirely because I know how much of each ingredient I need to make one of those. Cupcakes, on the other hand... Let's just say I still have about half a tub of Cool Whip, and a jar of maraschino cherries that is missing only twelve of them, leaving at least 40 more. I'll find use for those eventually, and as for the Cool Whip, well, I work tomorrow night, and the best part of Tim Hortons' hot chocolate supremes is the whipped cream sort of stuff. As opposed to just eating it straight out of the container... I got a sandwich from the one over on the corner of Lacroix and Richmond earlier tonight, but no drinks this time. I need to cut back on those, not only because of my weight, but also because spending at least five dollars per visit and going there three or four times a week (sometimes more) is pretty expensive.

Which reminds me that I still haven't heard from Brandon yet. I will admit I haven't worked in two days which may or may not have an effect on that, but I'm starting to forget he owes me money. I have enough to last until next Thursday right now, more if and when Mary pays me for the cake she wants, so as for him, maybe I'll just put that hundred dollars right into my savings account. Or I could spend another $85 on baking supplies, but I think that was a one-time thing, especially considering I haven't used all the stuff I bought yet. Those cookies might be made on Friday, so that way I can bring some to work on Saturday and / or Sunday, and the rest of the cake baking things are, as mentioned, Mary's, for whenever she wants hers. Or what would be more proper to do (with the money) is save it, because I'll need some extra at the end of March. I'm somewhat reluctant to say why quite yet, but the person(s) who need to know do, and them aside, I'll keep my mouth shut in hopes that things will go differently than they did before. Thinking about those things isn't getting me anywhere though, so I might as well go respond to this email and hope things are different tomorrow. An example of "different" would be getting the PSP case that was sent out on December 31st, so then I can get everything set up with my dual memory sticks, but if it's still not here by the end of the week I'll contact the seller, and otherwise, I'm not sure. I intend to show off the picture of those cupcakes to at least one person, and then probably just have a normal rest-of-the-afternoon. Of course, "normal" is very loosely defined right now, but the things I've done should already ensure that it is more along the lines of how I would like it to go~

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