Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just What I Get for Trying

I chose to go to bed early last night, after noticing that I was really tired at only quarter to 7, so I did, and fell asleep in short order, eventually to wake up what felt like a full seven or eight hours later. It was dark out, as it usually is when I over-sleep, and I did feel quite well-rested, so I opened my laptop to look at the clock, and was panicked to see that it read 7:30, give or take a couple minutes. So panicked that I pulled myself out of bed, fumbled around on the floor in the dark for my pants, and was just about to put them on when I decided to take another look at the clock, because it didn't make sense that I could've slept for almost twelve hours without meaning to. Sure enough, it was 7:30am, so I put my pants back down, crawled back into bed, and from there slept until about 12:30. At that point I woke up to check the time again, and after that laid back down once more until 3:00, when my alarm went off. I figured that would leave me a little bit more tired than normal at the end of the night, so I would go to bed early once again, but no. At 3, I set my alarm ahead to 3:30, and when it went off, just laid in bed drifting in and out of sleep until 4, because I practically couldn't move from being so comfortable. Still though, that's one night, and given that I have two supper shifts in a row on Sunday and Monday, things are going to be well messed up by Tuesday.

As for right now, an hour later, I am still tired, and don't want to go to work, but the people at Tim Hortons the other night indirectly mentioned possibly calling Manoah to do a food swap, so that'd be a nice treat. Otherwise though, I'd much rather stay here once again today and continue playing the games I was working on yesterday. Metroid: Zero Mission is nearly complete (at least on Easy), in that all I have to do is collect the powerup tanks in the final area, I did download Castlevania Double Pack, but haven't played either of those games yet, didn't so much as touch Metroid Fusion, got frustrated trying to unlock Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in Dracula X Chronicles, and just started into Star Ocean: First Departure, which has been decent thus far. It's fun and easy to play, but I get the feeling the actual game hasn't started yet. Everything is being guided along a bit forcefully, whereas I'm waiting for the point where you're told "Do this", and left to do whatever it is at your own pace. Oh, and on that note (being that Star Ocean is a PSP game), I got the case I was waiting for yesterday, but guess what? In order to fit my PSP into it, I have to first take it (the PSP) out of the other protective shell I bought, which is kind both funny and annoying at the same time. I suppose if the case fits into my pocket, I will use it, and if not, stick with the shell.

All in all it was fun though. I did finally finish up February of 2004 in this journal entries book I'm making, but setting that aside, I spent the entire day just doing things I wanted. Or rather, mostly doing things I wanted. I would've liked to go out to 7-11 for snacks, or to Tim Hortons for another tea, but I didn't, because all of those recent visits and getting multiple drinks at one time is catching up with me. I'm not yet overweight, per se, but I dislike the way I look right now. Oh, and I didn't go out to the bank either, simply because I forgot, and today they'll have closed by the time I go by there, followed by them being closed because it's Sunday tomorrow, so maybe I'll finally deposit this money from Brandon on Monday. And then immediately put $60 of it onto my Visa to pay for the internet. Oh, and then also spend probably $20 on supper between Sunday and Monday night, so no, you know what I think I might do? Put $60 of that onto my card to pay for the internet, as noted, then of the remaining $40, use $20 for supper those two nights, and keep the other $20 for snacks whenever. I just wish Money Mart was open today, or rather wish that they were open for longer. If I left now, I'd get there with about 20 minutes to spare, then come home and have about an hour to myself again before walking back up to work, and then the one over on Queen street has already closed. Sort of a bother, but instead of worrying about that, I think I'm going to go back to Metroid: Zero Mission for a bit longer. Maybe I can have it finished by 7:00~

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