Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Slower Start Today

I should like this day to start off as well as yesterday did. By this time, I was up at Money Mart putting $60 on my card to pay for the internet, from where I walked back to work, but stopped in at Tim Hortons along the way, for a tea and a (fresh, for once) donut, then continued on to work and sat in the dining room for twenty minutes playing Metroid Fusion. It's little things like that that I enjoy as well, much like how I left for work several hours early during the summer to walk out to Walmart, and the only thing that made that not-as-fun was it being summertime. Tonight, however, well, I have nowhere that I need to go, and nothing that requires my complete, full involvement after a certain amount of time, but I might go out to Harvey's again anyways. I have a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for that place, and just hope a poutine will count as the side item I need to order along with a sandwich to get another sandwich for free. That's after I wash the dishes, of course, but at least unlike last week, I don't have any baking and horrible burning and fouling-up of ingredients to do. That was quite a big mess, but speaking of baking, contrary to what she said the other day (unless George didn't look through the safe quite thoroughly enough), Mary has still yet to pay me for the cake she wants. I did, however, ask Orlando again last night how he liked his, and apparently he only got one piece of it. The rest went to his sister, because she paid, but they did enjoy it, or so I'm told. So that's good, and as for Mary, if she doesn't let me know what's going on soon, I might just make more cupcakes.

In the meantime though, work yesterday went pretty well, and I got to leave an hour early again, but something happened there - twice, as a matter of fact - that fits in with what I was writing about yesterday. For a little while now we've had a regular customer come in at night. He always orders a drink and nothing else, and always carries with him a binder of pictures he drew. Mostly of cars, but some others are of womens' faces, which he must use some sort of template for, because they all have approximately the same shape, but he'll give one of those to whoever takes his order, and then talk about it for a minute which is usually awkward, because nobody quite knows how to respond to him, which is exactly how I felt (and still feel) about what I wrote yesterday regarding finding it easier to keep my specific interests to myself. It's sort of like everything I did with Pic Pic last year - I was and am proud of myself for actually finishing that completely, and kept mentioning my progress in here hoping somebody would say "Hey, wow, you're really making progress with that" or something, but it didn't happen because (setting aside that I would imagine very few people read my entries these days) unless that other person is doing the same thing themselves, or had done so in the past with some other game, they wouldn't be able to appreciate just how gratifying spending almost ten hours per day at one point working on the "project" was. As for the picture guy though (his name is Keith), he gave me two yesterday, once in the afternoon just after I started, and the other when he came in a second time, and the most relevant thing I could think of to say was "Your pictures make me feel young!", because they were both of cars that were in existence back in 1951. Oh, and curiously, the first time he came in I went out to the dining room after him to sweep, and he started talking to me, saying I must be into sports, and when I told him no, he said the same of himself, then went on to say that I must be an "Above-average young man", and assuring me that I was. Which honestly doesn't make a whole lot of sense (exactly what am I above-average in? sweeping the floor?), but yeah.

The rest of the night after that (10) was pretty decent as well, but now I'm about back to where I was before. Not good, but not bad, and in general needing something else to occupy my time, so I'm off to find something like that to keep me busy until 5. I have a couple options in mind already~

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