Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Three Visits in One Night

Well there. I just finished up the last of my snacks from yesterday night, so the only thing I have left to serve as a reminder is exactly how much my knees hurt right now. I decided, after the first couple hours of the night which were largely frustrating (more on why in a bit) that I needed to do something different instead of walking straight home, so I thought for a bit, and didn't say anything to George lest telling him would end up ruining those plans, and once everything else had been finished, and we stood outside talking about random things for a bit, I took off on this walk. The biggest new point of interest is how the Tim Hortons out on Keil serves ice cream now, and I also probably should've picked a less-ambitious route. Getting as far as Park Ave was nice. Before I was even halfway down McNaughton I was already quite well warmed up, but then I got to that street, or rather the part of it that crosses over Lacroix, and started, how to say... "losing my steam". Either that, or the temperature did drop suddenly, because it got noticeably colder. Ironically despite that, it wasn't until I went into the Tim Hortons out past Queen St there that anybody asked me why I didn't have a coat, and even then the way I was asked was kind of... abrupt. I walked into the place, asked for a bottle of lemon iced tea and a vanilla yogurt, paid, put my purchased items in my bag and started walking back towards the door, and was just about to walk out when the guy who'd taken my order asked "Don't you have a coat?" in a tone of voice that honestly sounded to me like "If you don't, well let you have one". Anyways, I told him that no, I didn't, and it really wasn't too cold out there, to which he responded by saying that yes, it was [expletive] cold, and I thought for a brief moment about telling him I'd already been out walking for at least an hour, but instead just shrugged and said "Not really", before turning the other way and setting out again.

Then after that (and when I finally got down there), I went to the Tim Hortons George and I usually go to for a single cookie and a tea. And for some annoying reason the lady there (same as always) invariably puts my items over at the far end of the counter with the little pickup window for when it's busy, even though I'm the only one in the store. Last night she put my tea down there, but left my cookie at the front counter, but before I had a chance to grab it, picked the bag up, took it down to the window, and told me "Everything is down at the other end for you!" Maybe it's a rule they're supposed to follow, but in that case, she is the only employee who follows it consistently. Walking home from there was much more normal, in that I'm only too familiar with walking from that Tim Hortons to home, but my legs and feet hurt (my left foot so badly because of something I did last night that I had to stop halfway down Park Ave and take off the extra sock I had worn throughout the rest of the night to cushion it) quite a lot, and even though I'm not sure when I left work (sometime between 2:45 and 3), I didn't get home until exactly 4:30, and didn't start eating my snacks until 5. But it was fun, and thanks to all my eating (and drinking, mostly) at Tim Hortons lately, I do somewhat need to get back into shape, and I can think of no better way. Even though I could achieve roughly the same simply by keeping a closer eye on what I eat, but that's slow and much too uninvolved, whereas I'm looking for something a little more active. Also considering I have quite a lot of music on my PSP but rarely ever listen to it at work aside from a couple hours here and there.

To close this entry off though, a curious story about things from work yesterday. Starting with that which I said I would mention later back at the beginning of this entry, everybody appeared to be busy with customers when I first walked in, so I put my bag back in the staff bathroom and went off to Tim Hortons. When I returned, Mary, Manoah, and Sheila were standing up front in full view of the customers talking about somebody, who I presume to have been Melissa. Things they shouldn't have been doing when they could've been working instead (sweeping the floor, washing dishes, doing prep, etc.), so just as I opened the door and walked in, I called out "Who's going to wash the dishes?", but none of them heard me because of the doorbell, so wanting to avoid conflict, I simply asked for my pay stub instead. Which isn't as much as I was hoping for it to be this week, but that's of less concern. Moving on, I sat down to enjoy my snack, and almost immediately heard a kid off to the side of me say "Mommy, why is that man dressed like a cat?", which didn't go any further from there, and eventually I had to get up and go back to get changed. I did that, and as soon as I clocked in, everybody went to the back again, but I decided that instead of making a fuss, I would pick up a broom and sweep, which I started, only to almost immediately get a customer, and I most certainly did voice my displeasure to Cassidy. The three of them were managers, so exactly what did they think they were doing huddling in the back talking about people behind their backs? I was able to finish sweeping after a time, and then went over to washing dishes after that, only to eventually be called up front by Manoah saying Sheila needed help and he had to take an order at front cash, but I snidely asked why I couldn't just take that order and go back to what I was doing. Anyways, I hate people. Specifically, I hate people who are only concerned with sliding by with the minimum effort they can give. I hate people who should know better yet prove that they don't through their actions, but I don't have enough time to finish this story today, because we're off to go grocery shopping. For later though, the second half is a bit funnier, in that it involves George trying to complete a couple tasks with his eyes closed. Looking back now, it's not really a surprise I walked home from work last night, but I only wonder how much my legs will support that idea with walking all about Real Canadian Superstore in a bit~

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