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Friend Spam and List-Entry

At least it's a different start to the day. Even though I haven't heard from or spoken to her in ages, I've just received an email from Cooper, without a subject, and containing nothing but a link to a Blogspot page, which redirects after a short time to a page that at least half the spam I receive is about. The site offers pills, of presumably questionable nature, and for a couple moments I thought of replying to her to say "Why, you shouldn't have!", but if her account (MSN or Hotmail itself) has been compromised, I very much doubt she'd appreciate getting that, especially because there are 9 other recipients in the list, so I am probably not the only one who's had such thoughts. Before I get too lost in amongst these other things though, I wrote down a short list of things to write about today before I went to bed last night, because several things of interest did happen, and as per usual, I'd rather write about them in list form.

a] All I Had to Do Was Wait Two Weeks
Last time I went grocery shopping, I was somewhat dismayed to not be able to find cases of pop on for sale like they had been before. I do think they had bottles, of Pepsi, at that, which is very much preferable over other types of pop, but cans are still better, so I ended up going without, and seemingly visiting Tim Hortons far too many times as a result. Yesterday, however, the same familiar 18 cans for $4.44 deal was back, so what did I do? Immediately loaded four into the cart, which Mom objected to, so I had to go get my own cart and follow her around the rest of the time, and eventually get another box of white chocolate squares and package of coconut when we went down the aisle with baking supplies. $30 in all, and setting aside the one can I drank last night, I still have exactly 71 cans of Pepsi, but you know what? I almost think I want to get more. The amusing thing about that is how I haven't enough room to store even four cases under my bed right now (blankets are taking up all the spare room), but I am still strongly considering it. That would save me some of these endless visits to Tim Hortons because I want something besides water to drink, but it depends on what I feel like doing, and whether or not I can get a ride. It would, in theory, be somewhat interesting pushing four cases of pop home from Real Canadian Superstore in a shopping cart, but by the time I got home they would be extremely shaken up, setting aside that I would also then have to take the cart back out there, and walk home once more, which is frankly too much work for pop. We'll see though. A couple more cases would be nice.

b] It's About Time Somebody Gets the Species Right
I went to Tim Hortons twice yesterday, both times somewhat at the behest of Manoah, and somewhat because I wanted things from there. My reasons don't merit explanation, as they're pretty obvious, but Manoah wanted me to go there to find out one or both of the employees' names who have asked me about doing a food swap in the past. I have thus far been acting as the message carrier, telling Manoah about that and going back to them with whatever he wanted me to say, and it's come to the point where he wants to do a food swap with them as well, but doesn't know the names of the specific people he should ask for. The first time I went there, neither of them were working, but the second time I went there, the short girl I've seen before was behind the counter, and when I told her about recent developments, said she had Manoah on Facebook, and would message him on there. Meanwhile, the second person working - an older lady I usually see there late at night - immediately asked where my "other hat" was. This "other hat" is something I intend to take a picture of before saying anything specific about though, and I'd rather not take the picture until I've lost a little bit of weight, because I am that self-conscious still.

Anyways though, I told her it wasn't cold enough out, and proceeded to place my order (apple cider and a green tea - so unusual), all the while listening to another guy who was standing off to the side on the same counter of me talk to the short girl about how he remembered working there and so on. Then, out of pretty much nowhere, he turned to me and said "I heard you have a tattoo on your back. Can I see it? I mean, I don't want to be creepy and make you lift up your shirt in the middle of this place...", but by the time he got to the last bit I had already turned around and started to, because the two people behind the counter were suddenly extremely interested as well. They oohed and ahhed for a bit, and commented on how "awesome" it was, which I truly, honestly do not get. Just like I don't get Deoge's insistence that I should show it off back when he and I were still talking, it is something I have, or rather something that is a part of me, and therefore it's not unusual. That's not to say the interest and people being curious isn't nice (I told this story to Dan Skunk when I got back home, and his first words upon seeing the picture of my back were "Oh wow! Really!" and "That's amazing!"), but seriously, I see myself as I am these days as mostly normal, so it's odd when people say those sorts of things. Getting to where the subtitle of this part comes in, however, I eventually let go of my shirt and turned back around, and the same guy asked "You're a leopard, right?" I simply looked at him and said yes, and would've oh so much liked to have asked how he came to that conclusion when everybody else assumes that I'm a plain old cat, but in the end I only asked from who or where he'd heard that I had a tattoo. He couldn't remember, aside from to say that "somebody told him", and then also wanted to know how long it took to get done. I estimated three three hour sessions, and nine hours is probably about right. The first afternoon was 3, because I remember being charged a fee for keeping them there past 8 (bearing in mind that although my appointment was for 5pm, we didn't start until at least 5:30), then the second part took, oh, probably another three hours, and the third actually less than before, because I remember thinking that it was over pretty quickly (although that time I had my laptop as well, and thus was more easily distracted).

Finally though, I was instructed by that guy to give Manoah a punch in the face and tell him it was from you-know-who, even though he wouldn't know who, followed by me heading out and walking back home with my second set of beverages. Then on a mostly unrelated note I added Tim Hortons to my list of interests here since I go there often enough, but I think that's all there is to be said about this topic for today.

c] Various Videogame-Related Updates
Firstly, I was doing so well in Star Ocean: First Departure yesterday, and then went and screwed it up. I finally found Portmith, after realizing I was looking at the "arrow" on the world map the wrong way (in most games the wide end points the direction you're facing, but in this game, it's the narrow, pointed end that indicates such), and did plenty of things there. Spent almost all of my money Fol on new weapons and armor, gave Badam his package and got the huge stuffed doll in return, and then was on my way back to Haute, when I decided to investigate the mine I'd seen the entrance to in that guide I bought. The description of it said the enemies in there would be much too powerful for my party to take on at that point in the game, and they most certainly were. To see all three of my party members get killed in one hit was quite unexpected, and I hadn't saved for quite a while since then, so I am needless to say not entirely pleased with myself or the game right now. As such, I most of my attention yesterday went to Metroid Fusion. I screwed up my save file from the past couple days by going back to the space station before collecting all the powerup tanks, so what did I do? Started a new game, and I have this to show for it</a>. All in one night, and with the help of a very nicely-made map, mind you, but I did it, and am still pleased with myself. Of course, it's not a particularly laudable goal, especially considering the game only took four hours and a minute to beat, but it was fun, and the only boss I died at was the version of the X-ball with an eye that appears after you defeat the security robot a second time. Otherwise, not at all, which still leaves some room for improvement, but the next game I intend to play through is Megaman Battle Network 2. Yes, again, but for once I'll be playing through the game without cheating and using chips that you aren't supposed to be able to get normally. 2xHero and another one where Gospel breathes fire onto the first two rows, and then Bass comes down and smashes the last one. 9,999 damage, if I recall, but I beat Battle Network 6 legitimately, so I should very well be able to do the same with 2. Maybe, but I do recall FrogMan being an awful pain. We'll see about that too, I guess.

d] Finishing the Story I Started Telling Yesterday
I left off by saying I hated people, and dislike it even more when they're too concerned with thinking they're right to wonder if they may, in fact, be wrong. Which is somewhat pretentious of me to say, because in the case of work it would've been insubordination at best if I'd taken further issue over what was going on, and as a result I was extremely pissed off and touchy up until around midnight. I still did my work, oh yes, but at one point I had Manoah telling me that he didn't bear grudges, and how I should talk about what was bothering me because I'd never get over it otherwise. I almost took him up on that offer too, but in the end only said that the horoscope he emailed me last week was very relevant, to which he responded by saying "Oh is it? Ouch!" Honestly, I would like to do that. Invite him out for a walk some afternoon or evening, and get all of this off my chest in person with somebody, but not him, or anybody else I work with. No. Somewhat amusingly, he also said that he "Hears me" and wants to just get away from everything himself sometimes, but no matter where I get away to, without closing myself off from the things that are on my mind, I'll always have them with me. At any rate, I was somewhat angry with him, and somewhat angry with Sheila, and somewhat angry with Mary, but I was over that before the end of the night because of the things George did.

First of all, I had set about doing some cleaning with the plastic liner from a bottle of cleaner wrapped around my arms, so as to strap them together, because I really didn't have anything better to do with my time. It was kind of challenging, especially to tear pieces of paper towel off as I needed them, but eventually George came up and saw what I was doing, and, further to a comment he'd made earlier on in the night (that James, Orlando, he, and I could do a better job running the store by ourselves, said that we could probably do everything the day staff did with our hands tied together like mine were. Unfortunately, we only had one liner and I was using it, but I gave him another idea. Close his eyes, and try to ring in a simple one-combo order that we get at least 5 times a night. He almost did it (he was more or less only one column or row off the correct button), and then I gave him another idea - go up on line, close his eyes, and try to make a taco. At first he reached directly into the cord for the heated cabinet, but then slowly fumbled his way through, and came out with a relatively normal-looking taco, save for all the fumbling around looking for the rack then lettuce then cheese that he had to do. And since text doesn't describe it anywhere near adequately enough, I could almost not contain my laughter. I would've liked so much to have had my camera, but compared to my being so pissed off and high-strung that I was ready to just walk out earlier in the night, not being able to contain myself was certainly quite a change. And then it only got better by walking out to Keil Drive and Park Ave and Queen Street on the way home, which might have been better had George come along, but I'll ask him about that sooner or later. Back before Christmas on that night where he was here for a good couple hours waiting for the rest of Pokémon and Doctor Who to be put on his external drive, he did say we could / should walk out to the Tim Hortons on Bloomfield, and I'd like to do that with him before he goes away to find a trucking job, as he's in school for that right now. It is a long walk, and I can't picture him being nearly as enthusiastic about going the rest of the way upon getting out to Keil Drive, but I compare it to how I've walked to and home from Walmart or Real Canadian Superstore on multiple occasions, even during the summer when it was oppressively humid out, yet I recall Adam telling me how he was going to bike out to EB Games or somesuch once, and couldn't even make it past Blockbuster. Maybe it's just me, and in this case I do hope so, because walking long distances is enjoyable when there's something tangible to be had at the goal. Setting aside that night the summer before last where I walked ~15km on a whim, but that was... unrelated. I just decided to get up and go then, and haven't felt the same desire since.

If I were to pick a fifth topic to write about, it would be friends, but I'm not nearly as concerned about that today as I was last night, so I think I'll leave it alone for today. It's just funny how in real life I almost avoid talking to people most of the time, yet online talk almost exclusively about myself, to the point where I have to ask the other person "Do you mind what I'm doing?" just to put my mind at ease. I had several possibilities of / for why that is worked up too, but perhaps I'll get to those at a later date. At the moment, I care most about going to have some breakfast, and then cleaning up my bedside table before 7:00 comes. And once that is done maybe check the balance on my Visa to see if TekSavvy has taken their money for this month yet, but yeah. Breakfast first~

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