Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Interest-Taking is Delayed

I think I'll just do this for the rest of the day. Nevermind going to work, or eating something besides cereal. I'll just lay here and play Megaman Battle Network 2 for ~13 hours straight, because while it was unable to hold my interest even for an hour yesterday, I chose to finish up with other things early, at 5:00, then played it for long enough to get the preliminary requirements for getting my ALicense - job board side-quests - done. I know there's still a job coming up where an overweight woman in a purple shirt wants a FireSwrd F chip, but I don't have one yet, and thus won't make the same mistake before and accept the job thinking it won't hold me back. But no, as much as I'd like to I can't do that today, but I can't, because I have to close with Gabby who I'm almost certain called here yesterday wanting me to close as well. Even though the night here ended up being mostly boring, no thank you. Now if you were to ask if I could work over supper, on the other hand... Even though February is only a day and a half away, I think I might just ask Melissa about working at least one supper shift every two weeks or so. I seriously can't take the monotony and sameness of closing all the time anymore. That will most likely change with time, yes, but for now, either put me on more 5 to 11 or 12 shifts, or give me a full week off. Either would work.

Continuing the trend of less-than-pleasant things now, there are two to mention from yesterday. The first is that when we went out to Real Canadian Superstore, they had bottles of pop on sale instead of cans, and at ~$3 each instead of 2 for $5 like they were when I bought a couple before, but still being somewhat hopeful, I continued on through the front area (I want to call it an atrium, but apparently that's not the correct word) and back to the aisle with all of the other pop, and while they did have three cases of Pepsi exactly like the ones on the floor in front of my bed right here, I was reluctant to buy them, because they weren't priced, whereas cans of Diet Pepsi in the same 18-packs were almost $9. So no more pop for me yet, but I'll continue to keep an eye out for if and when they have that sale again. As for bad thing #2, internet concerns. What they mean for me / us is that where the internet used to cost ~$50 a month before, with the new usage-based billing TekSavvy is being forced into, it will be closer to $90. Ninety dollars, which is even more annoying considering they're not only taking away the unlimited usage plan (it's not their willful choice, mind you), but also the 200GB-with-extra-bandwidth-purchasable plan that I had my eye on until I decided unlimited bandwidth would be better. And it certainly has been, because in November alone we used almost 400GB, but with these new developments, I will be capped at 300GB, with overage fees of almost $2 per gigabyte above that. Thankfully all of that doesn't start until March, but I very much doubt Adam and Naomi will be pleased at having to pay, oh $20 per month now (which still leaves me paying $50 on my own, but I think that's fair), as well as that I will have to keep a close eye on our usage now. Naomi, and Adam whenever he returns can probably be trusted, but I had just become used to not needing to monitor such things for myself. But I'll probably get used to it.

Otherwise though, there really hasn't been much to say yet today. I had some extremely troubling dreams before I woke up (having to do with private parts of my life being exposed, which is why they were troubling), am currently listening to what sounds like somebody beating on the screen door outside (but they're not getting any response from me), thinking about what I want to do tonight (given what the weather's supposed to be like, I don't think I'll have the stamina for another 10km+ long walk, but would still like to not walk straight home), and am thinking about a variety of other things. Remember what I said before about seeking transcendence and to be something better and so on? Even though it doesn't feel like I imagined it would, I think I have that right now. I have a problem, which can be described as being a closed-minded bigot, but am I letting that way of thinking and feeling control my life? No. I'm doing my best to better myself instead of that, which is a step above other people who don't have such a problem with these things. They can just shrug and move on and have never had a problem to begin with, but they'll never understand. I still have a long way to go, but more in the short-term, it's time I was either getting back to Megaman Battle Network 2, or found some new wallpapers for my PSP. Both have to do with games, but I've been putting the latter off for quite a few days now~

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