Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Think I Like Fedex

The only thing I still wonder is why shipping packages with them is so fast, as compared to the typical ~2 week wait with USPS and such. Back on January 27th or 28th, I purchased another game-related accessory, which this time is a GBA flashcart that I can use with my Gameboy Micro, unlike the EZ-Flash I have already which only fits into my DS Lite. The one difficulty with it is how it takes miniSD cards instead of microSD so I had to buy one of those separately, but anyways, it was shipped out on the 28th, and I would have it in my hands right now, only three days later if somebody had only answered the door when they attempted to drop it off. I do have a delivery slip though, and with it the option either to wake up really early tomorrow and be downstairs for when they attempt delivery a second time, or to sign the bottom of said slip, giving them permission to leave it here. I don't much understand why they didn't just do that to begin with (thinking back, my first tail, and the very first package I got out of things purchased online was left between the doors), but yeah, I have that to somewhat look forward to now. Another relevant (albeit old) example can be seen here. Maybe from now on I'll have to be more selective about who my packages are shipped with. When given the option, of course.

I wish I could be as selective about this coming week, but of three things I'm not entirely looking forward to, it's fun how two of them involve familiarity as I'd become nicely accustomed to being taken away from me. Setting those two aside for one moment though, the third thing is closing with Gabby, not once but three times before next Monday. Twice on the weekend, which shouldn't be all bad because a third person will be present then, but also once on Sunday, which I am just looking forward to making it to and getting over at this point. Yesterday wasn't bad at all, in that the only reprimand she made to me was when I told a customer "I'll be with you in just a second" because I was mopping, and otherwise I was left to my own business to clean and scrub the entire floor from front to back, and clean out the staff bathroom which has been a mess for quite a long time now, which I do enjoy. I dislike being on closes for doing the same things over night after night after night, but George and Cassidy made sure almost all of my dishes were caught up yesterday, meaning I could focus my attention on extra cleaning and doing things I normally don't. Unfortunately, skipping way ahead to the end of the night, I moved to dump the remaining pies in the garbage so I could wash the tray, and accidentally knocked an entire tray of pizza shells on the floor in the process, but did it matter? No. In less than 24 hours, our menu will be somewhat aggressively reduced (at least six items are being taken away, including pizzas) in effort to apparently cut down on the complaints the head office is getting from people about everybody not having the same menu or some places offering items which can't be found anywhere else. Which says nothing of the privately-owned stores (they choose their own menu), but I digress. That is one of two things that will be changing, and it means that I'm going to be horribly confused when I go in to work on Wednesday, but as the change hasn't taken place yet, it could turn out to be a good thing.

As for the second item, it has to do with Heart and Stroke. I have honestly been taking the amount of free time I have for granted recently. Maybe it will still do me some good to have something else to focus on, but I haven't really taken the time to notice how nice it's been to not have to wake up at 1pm at least two days every week. Even though this week I'm only willing to go in on Wednesday, but it should be an interesting change. Possibly nice as well, because I can certainly see going to Tim Hortons instead of 7-11 on the way in there every now and then (even more whenever roll-up-the-rim cups return), but I still have just under seven hours left, which means that I will most probably go to 7-11 tonight. Even though I did on the way home from work yesterday where I bought a frozen brownie (only because there were none left in the case, and the lady working happened to be in the back room at the time and offered to give me the last one, even though it was quite solid), but otherwise I'm going to remain sitting here doing normal things. Looking forward to the snowstorm that will apparently be coming tomorrow and / or on Wednesday, collecting all the GBA games I'll want to put on my EZ-Flash when it gets here, looking through my wallpapers for ones to use on my PSP since I never made it there yesterday, and getting several emails (related to commissions and Heart and Stroke) ready to send out at midnight. In regards to commissions, I had a dream last night where somebody sent me pictures of a(nother) sculpture I was commissioning from them, except it was reasonably larger than the one I have right now (bigger than my hand) and it looked quite amazing, but yeah, I have plenty to do. Time to get busy~

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